Path of Exile: The Next Great MMO

Carl B of writes, "As I said on the most recent episode of the official iNintendo Podcast, I like to try out a bunch of different MMO games in the hopes that one breaks away from the World of Warcraft mold. They very rarely do -- I've tried everything from Regnum Online to RIFT to Perfect World Online, and each has failed to hook me in a way that other genres do. I came to the realization that, perhaps, all MMO games are a waste of time. Then I discovered Path of Exile."

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RoboSpiff3659d ago

i just cant get into diablo style games :/ i dunno. Though im still waiting to see Lineage Eternal.

wicko3659d ago

Having played Path of Exile, it's a pretty great game. Finished the first act and thoroughly enjoyed it, I will play it when it releases. However, the next great MMO that breaks the mould is a Diablo clone? That statement is wrong on quite a few levels..

turnerdc3659d ago

I'm in the closed beta and while it's a TON of fun I don't think I'd classify it as a MMO.

Si-Fly3659d ago

Not sure how this can be considered an MMO?? Enjoying the Beta though.