140° --- Why Namco Will 1-Up Capcom

Although it was thought to be all but impossible only a short time ago, the game industry has managed to witness collaborations between different companies for cross-promotion of franchises more then ever. The coming together of popular franchises between giant companies is something that many gamers grow excited about when the thought of their favorite characters originating from different brands finally interact with each other. More recently, Capcom and Namco came together to bring us a game many thought would never happen at all, in which two of the biggest fighting game IPs would come together for a giant bout for supremacy. This would come in the form of the Capcom made Street Fighter X Tekken and the Namco version Tekken X Street Fighter.

Unlike in past collaborations Capcom has had with other companies that make fighting games, this collaboration would consist of two games. Both games would be created by each developer, giving each side a chance to shine bright when being associated with the others franchise. Upon release, a lot of buzz centered around Capcom with it's version of the cross-over between their own Street Fighter cast of characters, and the Namco ensemble of fighters from the Tekken franchise. Although the game was hailed to be a monumental achievement in bringing together such diverse IPs into one giant game, many scrutinized different characteristics of Capcom's game that prevented it from becoming a truly great achievement. With the release of Street Fighter X Tekken now behind everyone, the big focus and questions now center around Namco and what they will bring to the table in this case of cross-over madness. What is it that Namco can do to outshine Capcom's take on the interaction between both developer's roster of fighters, and what can establish their game as the better of the two? The answer can be found in many of the decisions made by Capcom within the release of Street Fighter X Tekken, the important request from fighting game fans, and decisions that Namco can make to have a successful release of their game.

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SwiffEpics3659d ago

You put a lot of thought into this. Interesting article.

farhsa20083659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

To be fair it isn't difficult to put one over Capcom these days, they seem to love screwing their customers over.

farhsa20083659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

I have faith in Namco

hadouken0073659d ago

wont take much for namco to do it.