EA returns official DICE servers to Battlefield 3

Publisher Electronic Arts has responded to public opinion by returning DICE-controlled servers to the console versions of Battlefield 3 today.

A search of the PS3 server browser now reveals in excess of 170 official DICE servers, covering all geographical regions and all multiplayer modes.

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Yi-Long3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

... I quit the MP (and thus BF3 completely) once I kept getting dropped in unofficial servers (plus I've been having connection-problems with PSN/EA disconnects...)

Might check the MP again soon to see if it's now any better.

ShabbaRanks3666d ago

same here. But the patched really f**cked me up too. I dont know why they couldnt just fix the USAS and FAMAS instead of changing everything :(

Soldierone3665d ago

I agree, there wasn't a whole lot of complaints elsewhere. there were minor tweaks needed, but not an entirely new game.....

i mean who honestly complained about the tanks? then they go and "tone it down" to make them almost useless in most cases. I stopped playing for the day after a tank shell directly hit a player 2 times and he somehow survived and the blast radius wouldn't kill him because he threw down a med pack.

brish3666d ago

I didn't even buy BF3 because it's EA.

This isn't the first time they screwed multiplayer gamers in an attempt to make more money.

glennco3665d ago

your loss, seriously. you will not find a better online experience. it is an absolute blast to play with mates (pun ignored), one i have never been able to replicate with any other series

brish3665d ago


EA took away their servers so they could charge people for multiplayer servers.

This caused a lot of problems because users were having difficulty getting into games. If they did get into a game they were experiencing issues like getting kicked from games.

I wouldn't call that the best multiplayer experience.

EA was recently forced to bring their servers back online because their actions hurt the BF3 online community to the point that a lot of people stopped playing BF3.

EA's actions screwed the BF3 online community.

EA also shuts down servers all the time for games in an effort for force people buy new versions of their games.

I know Activision has a bad reputation but you can log in to any COD game right now and you will find players, and have a good connection. This is a big part of the reason that COD dominates that market. Their products are playable online unlike EA products that can't even seem to get their current game's online servers working.

Skate-AK3666d ago

Hmm I never end up getting disconnected but I have froze a couple times. I'll be happy to play on the official servers again.

ian723665d ago

I have had my PS3 freeze many times since the patch.
I thought it was my PS3 ready to break, but it doesn't happen when playing any other online game. Bringing DICE servers back is also good, I'm sick of getting team swapped and kicked for no reason.
The only thing I didn't like before the patch was frag rounds, now no-one uses them.

F7U123666d ago

Whoever runs dice needs to be fired and quick.

KaBaW3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

That would be EA, and I agree.

F7U123664d ago

the own a part of DICE they don't not the whole thing.

KaBaW3664d ago

They do control a lot of what happens at DICE, if I'm not mistaken..

F7U123664d ago

holy crap that sentence was awful. lol not my day.

that's sad to hear KaBaW, no wonder BF3 was such a train wreck.

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HeavenlySnipes3666d ago

I actually have more fun playing in user servers than DICE ones. O_o am I in the minority? Never been kicked either (PS3)

v1c1ous3666d ago

well aren't you an unique snowflake

MrMister3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

@ HeavenlySnipes

You must not be much of a formidable opponent, and thus the host doesn't kick you. Good players get kicked a lot. REALLY bad players get to stay and be cannon-fodder for the Admin and his team of high-level stacked noob-punisher's, so they can boost their stats "legitimately" at the expense of poor noobs.

ExPresident3665d ago

Just gotta find a good server that doesn't do that.Good communities are formed on private servers where people get used to play against the same people.

gtxgamer23666d ago

Wow EA actually made a smart decision.

SybaRat3666d ago

Compared to COD servers? BF3 would win in the middle of a thunderstorm.

WeskerChildReborned3666d ago

Finally, i kinda dislike having to play in servers where people can kick who they wan't and sometime's could abuse it and just kick people who are doing better.

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