OXCGN's Starhawk Review: Does it reach the stars?


"As many early adopters of the console can attest, the catalog of quality titles in the PS3′s formative years was a little on the skeletal side. Multiplayer gaming on the nascent system didn’t really extend past Resistance: Fall of Man. Many of us wondered if we were in possession of a $599.99 paperweight.

To build upon that legacy, Starhawk needed to bring something new to the table while retaining Warhawk's unique charms."

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Chuk53666d ago

It's too bad sony left this game to die.
I don't have a PS3, but I was trying to convince my friend to get this game. He said he never heard of it and he was a warhawk fan. Sony can keep pumping out exclusives, but with no awareness, they can expect to not make their money back on a lot of well-done titles.

morganfell3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Really? No. Nice try. But Real Warhawk fans knew and know all about this game. Not just word of mouth but everyone that plays Warhawk has been talking about it.

Your "friend" may have been a guy that played Warhawk once upon a time but Warhawk fans, the fans for whom this title was made know about the game. And unless you are blind when you turn on the PS3 you will see something about it one out of every two days.


I am not challenging you, I am stating the obvious. Every real Warhawk player has been chattering about this game since last year. You couldn't get through a a game without it being discussed. Real Warhawk fans, the ones that play the game and actually exist, know this.

Chuk53666d ago

Look, you don't even know my friend, so your argument is pretty useless. It's not like I dislike the game, I think it looks good. I don't really know why you're even challenging me tbh.

soundslike3666d ago

theres a core truth to what Chuk5 is saying.

People are dumb. They buy whats hyped up. Heavy ad campaigns can make people buy pure shit and the lack of them can make seriously cool games go unnoticed except by those who follow gaming news heavily.

LiViNgLeGaCY3666d ago

It really is sad. This is such an amazing title. :(

gaminoz3666d ago

Chuk5 is right. Hardcore gamers knew about this title but the consumer horde who buy COD or Halo every year didn't.

It wasn't really on too many people's radar as far as I know, and that's among fellow gamers I know.

It really is a shame, but people think sci fi shooter....Halo or Killzone.

Sony needs to promote these less mainstream games a bit better

Eske3665d ago

Agreed. I'm not sure that Sony's marketing department is doing their games any favors. Starhawk really could have used a little advertisement. It's a shame to see them let so many quality titles die without a chance to succeed.

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MrDead3666d ago

I've never played an online game like this, it's good to get on high ground sometimes and just be blown away with the chaos that’s going on in front of you. On a 52” TV it looks amazing

I know a lot of reviews drop this games score because of the single player but I've found it indispensable, learning how to best use your environment to gain tactical advantage and to fine tune my vehicle controls. It does a very good job at training you for the main focus of the game which is the multiplayer, a lot of sites fail to commend the game on that point.

Pwnage182023665d ago

i never had thought of it that way. Thats a great way to look at it!!!

Proeliator3666d ago

I remember way back in 2006 where The Outfit (yes, it lacked some polish, but was still a great game) was criticized.

Now, look at all the games building off of its formula: Toy Soldiers, Trenched, Starhawk... You truly never know where an idea is going to land.

Pintheshadows3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Battlezone is the father of this concept. A concept that is criminally under explored.

Proeliator3666d ago

I've never heard of it! Now I'm curious...

gaminoz3666d ago

I still own a copy of The Outfit. It's a fantastic under-appreciated game, especially for its time.

Pintheshadows3666d ago

It came out in 1998 (published by Activision when they were still open to new ideas) so it's fairly old now. It's the first game I remember which effectively placed you in the midst of a rts and it was fantastic.

You harvested resources and constructed various buildings and vehicles which you could then jump into and cause some damage.

It also featured the disco gun, which if fired continuously played a funky tune.

I hope we see more games in this mould.

brettyd3666d ago

Love the game, but i am terrible at it..just like Warhawk.

Pintheshadows3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

I'm terrible at Warhawk as well but it's so fun much I don't care.

First time I played Warhawk I jumped in a jeep, another guy jumped on the turret and within about 20 seconds I drove over a mine killing both of us. I just smiled and carried on playing.

brettyd3666d ago

Yea, i'm the same way. I dont care about my K/D I just love all the ridiculous situations i find myself in.

ginsunuva3665d ago

That's how almost all MP games were before CoD. They were fun to play for the sake of playing!

Cod ruined MP and made games all about increasing that stupid number next to your name.

Pwnage182023665d ago

the beauty of warhawk!!!!!

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