Trophy Unlocked: Has Gaming Become A Chore?

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Before I ever buy a game I always check to see that it has a trophy or achievement system in place. Has this whole trophy/achievement thing got a little out of hand?

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KentBlake3662d ago

Great article. Although I like trophies/achievements (to a degree), the text sums up my feelings exactly.

MrMister3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

EVERY single trophy/achievement junky I know tends to HATE multiplayer in games. YET, they love being competitive enough to attempt to get all the platinum trophies. Unsurprisingly, most of those same trophy-junkies tend to have ridiculously low KDR's in the leaderboards. They hate MP, but love competing enough against a computer challenger. They always complain about MP being in their favorite games, yet when they play MP, they rage quit every time things dont go their way. People think trophy-achievers are skilled? Try being new at a multiplayer game, not giving up until you get good at it, THEN eventually going pro. Now THAT's what I call a REAL achievement (in gaming, at least).

ZoyosJD3662d ago

Personally I really don't like trophies, but you can't compare the two.

40% of kills in MP are determined by internet connections, 40% by preemptive strike(tactical skill), and 10% by skill(reaction time), 10% luck(looking at you random frag).

Trophies/Achivements (or just beating a game for that matter) has a bottom line of required skill in order to attain compeletion.

DrWan3662d ago

100% pulling random number our of ur ass without any sources or evidence based researches.

ShinraE53662d ago

Achievements and trophies are OPTIONAL.

If you want to go "catch em all" by all means knock yourself out. But if you choose to get consumed by achievement or trophy addiction, that is solely on you.

As far as I am concerned, you can play however you enjoy it, whether it be achievement hunting or playing the game for its own merit.

Pintheshadows3662d ago

This seems to be more the authors issue rather than an issue with the trophy/achievement system.

Games don't hold a gun to your head and force you to get them.

As Shinra said, they are optional.

Kalowest3662d ago

"Trophy Unlocked: Has Gaming Become A Chore?"
Of course, if your a trophy whore(I am), other then that HELL NO. Most games these days are easy and short(except the Souls series, and Skyrim long but also very easy), so playing the game twice is nothing.

GuruStarr783662d ago

just got my first platinum and hit level 11 on psn.... im hooked!

Im at almost 30 thousand gamerscore, but I just really realized how cool trophies are.... the fact that vita games have them as well is great.... I think the next game i'll plat will be resistance: burning skies...

dc13661d ago

It real man (trophy admiration).... and I love it!
I have 31 platinums... and remember my fist like it was yesterday (Uncharted Draks fortune).

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The story is too old to be commented.