Interview: Spirit Tales (It's like PSO meets Animal Crossing) - GameFan Magazine

GameFan Magazine: "One look at the insanely adorable and cuddly cast of Spirit Tales and it’s hard not be in agreement with the game’s publisher, Koram Game, that this free-to-play action MMORPG is “epically cute.” All cuteness aside though, there is actually a very deep and competitive online experience to be had with the game that just went into it’s anticipated open beta on May 10th. To help better understand the many intricacies of Spirit Tales, we had the chance to speak with the game’s community manager, Elliot Colbeagle, to see why there’s something here for gamers of all ages."

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andresegers3658d ago

Like Animal Crossing? Sold.

newsguy3658d ago

pshhh! animal crossing?? PSO FTW!