Skullgirls raises questions about the overly sexualized depictions of women in video games

Can we reasonably separate how a game plays mechanically from the themes and imagery depicted therein? This exploration of the seemingly sexist representation of women in Skullgirls takes a deeper look at the question.

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smashcrashbash3666d ago

As opposed to the over sexualized depictions in games like Soul Caliber and Dead or Alive? I really don't see why Skull Girls has suddenly triggered this topic again. They are cartoon like for goodness sake. They barely even look like normal women. Misfortune is so scrawny I don't even see anyone getting a hard on over her and many of the Skull Girls are misshapen or weird looking. Sorry but calling the Skull Girls sexy is a stretch even for the biggest pervert around.Do Pinwheel and Peacock get you off too?

THR1LLHOUSE3666d ago

I believe the article actually covers all of the things you mention.

acronkyoung3666d ago

Wait, so your arguments are that cartoon representations of women can't count, because they're cartoons? Also, if the representation doesn't give you a boner, then it isn't oversexualized?

Wow. That's an airtight argument you've got right there. I can't touch that one.

smashcrashbash3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

I am just wondering why SG seemed to have started this discussion again. This is the fourth article talking about Skull Girls, a more cartoon oriented game and I am wondering why this should even be put up their with more realistic depiction of women from other games. I could easily make a big deal about IVY from Soul Caliber because she looks more like a woman but most Skull Girls can't even be categorized as human.

Did you also think the girls in Droopy cartoons as over sexualized depictions of women? They were exaggerated cartoon women with barely any relevance to real women at all. In Skull Girls it is more humorous depiction then anything else. I don't think the person drawing them was thinking 'Hey lets dress them up in skimpy outfits because I am so perverted' especially since they made them so exaggerated and out of proportion.

But with Soul Caliber and Dead or Alive you can see exactly what they were thinking. I am sure they didn't make Taki thinking 'Her bouncing boobs sure are funny to watch'. Skull Girls I guarantee was not made to titillate you in any way. Just a bunch of weird looking girls wearing strange outfits.Even the so called 'sexy' girls are barely even shapely and look like their clothes are hanging off of them.

BTW how about talking about the overly sexualized depiction of men for once. Does anyone have any idea how the over muscular, always suave,chiseled chin, perfect lover, long flowing hair, chest baring men in games make us ordinary guys look? Kratos can run around with a bare chest and a loin cloth but as soon as a woman in a game has anything bigger then a flat chest, wears anything even slightly tight, have any buttons open below the cleavage or have a skirt any shorter then below the knees suddenly they are oversexed.

h311rais3r3666d ago

And what about all men bein extremely chiseled studs with 6 packs so firm a diamond would cringe?

vortis3666d ago

Where's this cringing diamond you speak of? I'd like to have a word with it.

kanetheking3666d ago

the cringing diamond is very hard to find, you will have to go through seas blood and overly sexualied woman, hopefully the blood and the woman don't happen at the same time. (0)(-)