Minecraft on Xbox 360 doesn't have the same spirit

4J Studios ruined the feel of Minecraft with some of the additions it made to its Xbox 360 port.

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Emilio_Estevez3665d ago

I agree with the sentiments of this article. Quit the hand-holding and throw them into the darkness with creppers. That's how it was done on PC. In all fairness though, a quick check with Wiki was basically the PC tutorial.

THR1LLHOUSE3665d ago

I love Minecraft. Like, LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

And I have zero interest in this version. It not having "the same spirit" is probably the reason why. I'm not going to say that the fun of Minecraft is figuring things out on your own (because I sure as Hell have used the wiki), but the wiki isn't forced upon you...I'll still learn new things you can do just from talking to people, and that's always cool.

wallis3665d ago

Tutorials aren't so much an issue to me when compared to the world size. Tutorials aside THAT was a violation of minecraft's spirit. I always set aside one world where I never stop traveling. It's a lot of fun and one map is just way too small. My greatest adventures have been freaking miles away from my spawn as have my best finds.

Redgehammer3665d ago

Well, i am finding the 360 version to be great fun. It is all my fy friends, and my children have been playing since Wednesday morningb at 5AM. I am sure something has been lost in translation however, what it gained is 11 new fans, just from my circle.. Minecraft is fantastc on my 360, and I sure am glad it is availible for me to play.

kevnb3665d ago

well playing on a console isnt the same as playing on the pc.