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Glittering, gruesome, and golden, this sequel raises the bar for action games.

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Troll-without-Bridge3665d ago

Lol a game being praised by having scripted events. How low can the standards really drop?

mafiahajeri3665d ago

Play the game and youl understand how epic these scripted events are...

humbleopinion3665d ago

Scripted events, when done properly, are a very good thing. Take a look at half life games for example.

ninjaman9993665d ago

[email protected]
Cause scripted events makes a game not worth playing?
Its called a STORY, scripted events are scripted for a REASON. That reason being PROGRESSION and a direct FLOW of the narrative with the gunplay between each CUTSCENE.
Then there is the MULTIPLAYER where shit is not SCRIPTED

Troll-without-Bridge3665d ago

If its done like Uncharted where these scripted events are always in the way of the actual gameplay, interrupting and removing control of the player then i don't see how it benefits the narrative. Narrative can be done successively in a number of ways and ironically those games that rely heavily on scripted events and set pieces never stand out.

JokesOnYou3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Wrong for me UC2 was perfectly scripted between action, the pace of storytelling was great...sure there are other great ways to tell a story and I enjoy the freedom of open world games too but more linear games are just fine with me when done right.