Stuff - Resistance: Burning Skies Preview

Gerard Campbell writes: Tom Riley isn't your typical first-person shooter hero. He's not a super soldier. He's a New York firefighter – more used to swinging an axe than wielding a gun but he's tasked with saving Earth in Resistance: Burning Skies, a shooter for Sony's new PS Vita. Set in the early days of a chimeran invasion of Earth in 1951, Burning Skies comes from Californian game developer Nihilistic Software (Vampire: Masquerade Redemption, Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects) and is the fifth Resistance game (three appeared on the PlayStation 3 from Ratchet and Clank developers Insomniac).

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LiViNgLeGaCY3666d ago

Excited for this game! Only thing I'm not thrilled about, is when you kill a Chimera, he just explodes. Kinda odd. :\

h311rais3r3666d ago

Probably because the devs aren't used to the VITA yet so they don't want rag doll bodies eating up processing power.

TheFirstClassic3666d ago

Yeah how does one swing of an axe turn a body into all those pieces.

TheDivine3666d ago

Man only 2 weeks! I hope this has a great campaign and isnt just run of the mill average with mp as the main dish. Give me a solid 8-10 hour sp minimum with some awesome levels like the prison or the train in r3 and il be happy.

A nice co-op mode wouldve been the icing on the cake as im getting burned out on revelations raid mode but whatever.