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Are you hoping this alternative to Diablo 3 is going to be good? It seems that your wish may come true. Follow's Jay Coombes through his beta experiences with this in-depth review.

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Enmson3658d ago

wow a review for a beta? whats next review for demos or even trailers lol

svoulis3658d ago

Yeah, this should be called a Preview at best (even though its labeled as one)

Or at least Torchlight 2 Beta Impressions.

J5Feedback3658d ago

Impressions/Preview would be more appropriate. Not that the article was bad, it's just pretty bushleague to claim you're reviewing a beta.

Cennus3658d ago

I understand what you mean. However the reasoning behind our beta "reviews" are because more and more games want you to pre-order to try it out or test. A lot of times unless you're Guild Wars 2 or something equally huge, people hesitate before doing that.

It's basically known that people like to take review scores as something concrete to go on. So we play the betas to the fullest we can, write about them, and just add a score with good/bad points.

We think it helps people with decisions about buying or pre-ordering. Obviously not something new but we think it helps more then just a preview or impressions.

J5Feedback3658d ago

You're certainly right about people taking review scores as gospel. The score means a lot more to people than it should. Now that I see your reasoning, I'm actually okay with it being called a review. Huh.

Glad this could be civil haha.