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Andrew Reiner writes: Max Payne 3’s opening shots bear no resemblance to the series’ iconic imagery of a black trench coat flapping in the wind as a hail of bullets whiz by in slow motion. Instead, the game begins with three snapshots of a much different Max – sitting alone in an apartment with a bottle of whiskey at his side; standing bald, bearded, and bloodied over a horribly mangled body; and the most shocking portrait of all, dressed for show in an expensive suit as he mingles with the rich.

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NastyLeftHook03662d ago

seems like a real winner here.

JellyJelly3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I'm glad that GameInformer enjoyed it. Their opinions on games usually match mine well.

NastyLeftHook03662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

glad you enjoyed game informers review.

peace and love.

@mezzo, have fun man! ;)

mafiahajeri3661d ago

The SP is epic! The Multiplayer is really good too just aslong as you dont play soft aim. Bullet time is so cool where you have to whatch out for the enviroment so you dont crash into anything. In MP its really fun and crazy too.

-Mezzo-3662d ago

Agreed, that's a wonderful score, my copy should be here anytime now. So Excited.

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ginsunuva3662d ago

Why do people praise the score? As long as a reviewer gives a good score, everyone goes, "That's a beautiful score!"

Crazyglues3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Now I'm really excited, can't wait to start playing tomorrow...


Crazyglues3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

who disagreed to that, the game is going to be awesome are you kidding me... LoL

-Have you seen the youtube video's it's looking amazing ---Rockstar has done an Amazing job.. -

I don't get it, unless y'all just don't feel Game Informer does good reviews.. *_*

showtimefolks3662d ago

you said now i am excited i mean i didn't press disagree but if you are excited about a game a score shouldn't matter.

like i am excited about spec ops i could careless whether the game gets a 9 or a 7 i know i want it

Crazyglues3662d ago

@ showtimefolks

oh ok I see how some people might have taken that, I just meant Now I'm really excited to play it because I already thought the game would be good...

-but now that it's getting such good reviews it's probably going to be better then I thought it would be...

morganfell3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Picked the game up at the midnight launch last night at Best Buy along with Game of Thrones. I held off on Diablo III because having played the Diablo beta, Path of Exile is showing itself to be a much better title.

Max Payne is a technical marvel and solid unflappable proof that next gen hardware can hold off for a while. It has been fun but there are some really annoying things going on.

Some of these design choices will have you rolling your eyes. Reviewers that pointed out the magic cutscenes that remove your assault rifles and dual wielding to leave you with a single pistol are exactly right. Guaranteed to piss you off. It kills the immersion and feels like the game is intentionally cheating the efforts of the player. Not fun at all.

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that's awesome finished the 1st one when i was 14 and still remember it by heart but i haven't even touched the 2nd chapter of this amazing series. is it worth getting it and then play this one?

chak_3661d ago


Played it a week ago, after the first one, and it's still really fun, and graphically totally acceptable.

Perjoss3661d ago

I don't understand the disagrees.

Is it because this game is getting such high review scores and its not exclusive to a platform I shall not name, you know what I'm talking about, this being N4G and all ;)

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chukamachine3662d ago

Overhyped reviews to get people buying to help the market.

I'll pass.

d0nni33662d ago

here i have a spare tinfoil hat you can have

chukamachine3662d ago


I'll need one for black ops 2 and halo4.

koh3662d ago

It's definitely all part of Obama's socialist plot to make people buy video games... which is strange since he is so anti-business.

But seriously, why read reviews if you are just going to question the author's journalistic credibility anyways?

J5Feedback3662d ago

"But seriously, why read reviews if you are just going to question the author's journalistic credibility anyways?"

Hi. I'm j5feedback, and welcome to N4G.

It's still seemingly impossible for some people to understand that the opinions of a reviewer may not reflect that of their own. A lot of people read reviews merely to justify and reinforce their preconceptions of a game. I don't get it either.

Patriots_Pride3662d ago

Typical R* game.

I got suckerd into buying GTA 4 with all of the 10's that it was getting but have learned my leasson since then.

I loved Red Dead Redemption but actullay wait 5 month b4 I bought it becuase of what R* did with GTA4

SeekDev3662d ago

It's only the reviewers opinion. If you're anything like me, you'll research the hell out of a game before you buy it.

KwietStorm_BLM3662d ago

Yep typical Rockstar game, a great one.

Echo3073661d ago

^^^^^ This. Rockstar makes good stuff.

ALLWRONG3662d ago

So does that mean in the future you're going to troll Halo 4 and BLOPS 2?

madpuppy3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

>Overhyped reviews to get people buying to help the market.
>I'll pass. only play games that get bad and mediocre reviews....yeah! THAT will show them!! :P

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KillerPwned3662d ago

15 more damn days till PC release ugh cannot wait!

Dovahkiin3662d ago

I'm excited also! It'll take 2 days to download, but it'll be worth it.

KillerPwned3662d ago

Same here it will take awhile I hope steam will pre-load.

spike3662d ago

Does Max Payne 3 have difficulty settings?


Easy- Baby Steps
medium- You ain't a bitch
hard- your balls dropped
Very Hard- You need a set of new pants because this shit will blow you away

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