3 Ways to Make Your Gaming Console Into a Workout Station

GamerFitNation: Gaming consoles these days serve a far greater purpose than they initially were intended to, you can use them for all sorts of entertainment and even fitness! By now many people are aware that you can better your fitness through motion censored games. But the apps and features of consoles like the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 can also be used to improve our fitness. These are three ways you could make your gaming console into a workout station!

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NICE, I love the set up idea

mochachino3658d ago

1) Turn on console
2) Insert P90X
3) Press play

BuffMordecai3658d ago

No thank you, I go to a gym for that.

fear883658d ago

Agreed. Quit avoiding the sunlight. It won't kill you(unless you're albino, then things can get hairy).