Review: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (New Gamer Nation)

Fresh off the presses at Capcom comes the next installment in the iconic Resident Evil franchise. This time the reins were passed to Slant Six Games formerly of the SOCOM series. Though much of the game feels like a Resident Evil title, there are some distinct differents in style and gameplay that may have traditional Resident Evil fans a little upset. However, what it lacks in traditional Resident Evil storyline elements, it makes up for in a new multiplayer system that allows you to play with up to four people. Unfortunately, other issues come into play that bring down an otherwise promising title. It is a shame because there are a number of good ideas that could breathe fresh life into a hallowed franchise.

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F7U123666d ago

2 million people seem to disagree with you.

RedDead3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Do you mean 2 million sales who bought off the RE name alone??

7/10 game imo

No F7, you have no idea, people see ads. Ads sell games, the vast minority actually check reviews online. Two of my gamer friends don't even know how bad this game is scored and they ain't even casual, but they bought it on Name alone. "New RE for Xbox? Yeah definately, hope it's better than 5"

F7U123666d ago

you act as if they have no idea what the game is about. name is one thing, gameplay is another.

newgamernation3666d ago

I have to agree with RedDead, just because it sells well doesn't mean its a good game. See Duke Nukem Forever. It sold like hot cakes and was a terrible game. I think this is a similar case. If you like it then that's great but personally I think it was a let down especially since it does very little for the RE canon.