“Big, Unannounced PS Vita Title” Seen By Pachter, Excites Him

With E3 fast approaching, it’s time to get your thinking caps on and start predicting what Sony have up their sleeves. To help, analyst Michael Pachter has revealed that he has already seen a big Vita title that hasn’t been revealed yet. - PSLS

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Sev3662d ago

Grand Theft Auto for Vita would definitely be a system seller, as would a Call of Duty.

What other franchises would make that big of a difference?

NastyLeftHook03662d ago

maybe a fallout vita, or gran turismo vita.

Abash3662d ago

Cool, but Im already excited for Resistance: Burning Skies and Gravity Rush releasing in the next few weeks

yoshiroaka3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Might seem weird but maybe a MineCraft port and a crossplay Borderlands 2.

Also another Final Fantasy VII spinoff for japan.

Portable WoW? Not sure how mmo's work so forgive me if that idea was ridiculous :(
But a free to play mmo would be cool.

guitarded773662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Good picks y'all... definitely think these will push PS Vita systems.

Gran Turismo
Final Fantasy
Call of Duty
Metal Gear

throw some good JRPGs in the mix like Dragon Quest and Suikoden and the Vita will be flying off the shelves.

I'd also like to see Fat Princess on Vita, it's a perfect online game for handheld. Plus the traditional Sony kid friendly titles like Jack/Dax, Sly, Ratchet/Clank, etc.

JoySticksFTW3662d ago

I'd gladly buy a Vita for a PS1 or SuperNES style Final Fantasy. Meaning it doesn't have to have the greatest graphics, just a great story, cast, and soundtrack, a world map for exploration, and populated towns. Gameplay could be old school turn-based, I don't care.

FF: Crisis Core on PSP was the best FF that I played since FF X.

For GTA, I actually like the less realistic approach. And I think that style may translate better to a handheld now.

I'm always a sucker for MGS, and both GOW games were great on PSP.

Definitely GT.

And a selfish pick would be a Demon's Souls sequel, since Dark Souls seems to be their main concern on PS3 / 360 now. Don't know if that would be a huge system seller though.

dragon823662d ago

A Vita version of Fallout would be AMAZING!!!!!!

If that happened I would never put my Vita down.

iChii3662d ago

FF VII would make sense since Crisis Core was the prequel for PSP why not make a sequel for the Vita? I don't really care, I just want an awesome JRPG for the Vita so I can buy one.

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Blacktric3662d ago

Bethesda should bring a proper Elder Scrolls spin off (a story wise spin off, not some dumb card game or anything like that) to Vita. They were going to do so with Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion for PSP and the game looked fantastic but for some dumb reason they cancelled it...

Adityac3662d ago

LittleBigPlanet Vita FTW!

kreate3662d ago

it doesnt even matter to michael pachter.
even though he saids that, he's not gonna buy a ps vita cuz he's cheap when it comes to the playstation brand.

he does however, hope that sony will send him a free one cuz companies give him free copies of games and stuff all the time.

michael pachter can be considered a somewhat of a stealth troll.

whether he's right or an epic fail,

i still enjoy listening to him though. he does a good job evaluating certain aspects of the industry.

u just gotta do ur own research cuz he's heavily opinionated.

ArtificiallyYours3661d ago

I would not go as far as to say he's anywhere great at it, this opinion never meant he should be wrong all the time, but still.

raWfodog3662d ago

I don't know about the U.S. sales but Japan's Vita sales would skyrocket if they released a new Monster Hunter game for the Vita. I would buy it too once it came to the U.S.

Maybe also a Red Dead Redemption Vita game...

Ascalon943662d ago

Red Dead would be an instant buy for me.

narked3662d ago

I'd love a good RPG like torchlight. Such games with their camera angle and graphics are made for handhelds.

LiViNgLeGaCY3662d ago

Warriors Lair for Vita! It looks sooooooo good! You should youtube it!

GraveLord3662d ago

Pachter has publicallyl stated he is a Fallout and Skyrim fan. One of those games coming to Vita would be huge news.(Not my cup of tea though)

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Cloudberry3662d ago

And it even excites him, as himself is "that" Michael Pachter...

Color me intrigued.

360GamerFG3662d ago

Its a game about a video game analyst. Big whoopty doo.

ftwrthtx3662d ago

I wonder if it's a new IP or if it's just a port of something like CoD Black Ops.....

doctorstrange3662d ago

Well they've already announced COD Vita, so it's hopefully not that

NastyLeftHook03662d ago

it would be awesome if it was a new ip, i would love to see battlefield 3 on it, or black ops even.

ftwrthtx3662d ago

I'm crossing my fingers for something new and different.

Y_51503662d ago

If it's anything inFAMOUS. Sony will have my money!

Bowzabub3662d ago

Come on GTA. Anyone wanna disagree that GTA will move a lot of hardware?

LOL_WUT3662d ago

It has to be GTA, i hope its the San Andreas stories or maybe GTA5 if it works.

cervantes2403662d ago

I hope that whatever game is exciting Pachter will be at E3.

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