Significance of Call of Duty on PS Vita

InEnt writes: There is no doubting the Call of Duty franchise can help Sony sell a few extra PlayStation Vita’s, although how significant the game could be to the PS Vita is currently unknown. When the Vita first launched we tried to get our hands on the best first person shooter games, although the choice is extremely lacking with Unit 13 being our first purchase in this genre, so we’d welcome Call of Duty with open arms.

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danswayuk3657d ago

If they bring a fresh Call of Duty game to the Vita and not a console port, I will be happy.

GraveLord3657d ago

I prefer a console port. That way we can do cross-platform gameplay with the PS3.

one2thr3657d ago

Truth be told, I will only accept all the technical difficulties that are found on the console and pc version of COD, on the Vita... Yeah I said it, I didn't buy MW3 because I knew it was going to have the same problems like previous COD titles...

DJLB21153657d ago

day one buy. port or not. nuff said.

NastyLeftHook03657d ago

it would be a major system seller.

Hicken3657d ago

I have to say I probably wouldn't buy it, myself, but it WOULD be a big reason for a lot of people to get a Vita, especially if it's got some cross-play with the PS3.

123_3213657d ago

The stories on COD games have always been idiotic at best. They should leave out the story and just shove the multiplayer onto a Vita game card.

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