Lost Odyssey: Ten Hours In - IGN's Preview and Screens

Xbox fans have long been starving for Japanese RPGs. Through the history of Microsoft's two consoles, few JRPGs have been released and none of the caliber seen so often on PlayStation 2. So when the father of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi, started Mistwalker studio with backing from Microsoft, the RPG-starved Xbox masses began to salivate. So far, Mistwalker has given us the disappointing Blue Dragon. But there's a chance at salvation with the more traditional Lost Odyssey, set to arrive in North America on February 12. Ten hours in and one disc (of four) down, there's reason to hold out hope for Mistwalker's latest.

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Marceles3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

I'd say all RPG fans are starving for a good Japanese RPG...this should calm down my craving for awhile

Luca Blight3983d ago

Although Lost Odyssey looks good enough, I don't think it's the "savior" people are looking for. The battles seem to drag on (multiple gameplay videos on various sites), and the look really isn't as great as we expected from the TGS trailer a while back. Although I can't draw conclusions off of just watching videos, some of the characters seem quite annoying as well (the priest guy).

Still, should be a fun game, but I think we'll have to wait for White Knight Story to see a "great" JRPG (I have a lot of faith in Level-5).

n_n3983d ago

is one amazing team and i have confidence for their first this-gen new IP. White Knight Story looks awesome so far.

on topic, i still want to get Lost Odyssey. maybe not enough to rush out and buy a 360 right away, but i'm sure Ninja Gaided 2 will have me pick one up.

Black Maverick3983d ago

Even though, I'm waiting for FFXIII and White Knight Chronicles, Lost Oddesey should provide a good distraction for a few days. Still, I have my reserves. While the ring system sounds like alot of fun, the game seems short for my tastes. The IGN preview said they finished the first disc in ten hours and that includes the cutscenes and the grinding.

abcd3983d ago

"I'm 83 hrs into the game now and am rdy to fight the final boss. If I skipped all the side quests, I could've probably finished it at 60-ish. This game will keep you entertained for a long time."

"I've racked up about 50 hours on this game. And that's not even doing a lot of the sidequests and playing at a casual speed, so it could easily end up being many, many more. "


"It takes between 40-50 hours to beat the game, after that there is a lot of extra stuff you can do. Overall, if you wanna do everything id say expect around 90-100hours."

"I am 1 or 2 items (just lying in some city...) away from 1000/1000 and it took me 81 hrs. Note that I used massive Japanese strategy guides most the way through and I am unusually fast (no guide, beat Mass Effect with 34 side missions complete in 21.5 hrs). I would guess LO will take the average Joe 90-110 hrs. to get all just playing normally."


"Just finished the game... 97 hrs on the clock and I still only have 980/1000 gamerscore"


InMyOpinion3983d ago

Some idiots disagree with you even though you are stating facts.

snakeater33983d ago

lol.....4 discs.....wonder on how much discs ff13 would fit ....20? .....25? lol or one blu ray disc ! ;) just joking....this jrpg looks decent enough ...if i were an xbox owner , id buy it....hironobu , we still love you :)

TheXgamerLive3983d ago

I don't like the traditional Turn based fighting as used here, it's time to revamp that much needed combat system.