‘Cloudberry Kingdom’ Intended To Hit “Every Platform”, Tigar Hare Studios Provides New Art

IGM writes: "During our chat with Pwnee, they said the following: “we aren’t stopping with Steam and Nintendo, we are aiming to be on every platform, including their handheld devices.”"

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Venox20083666d ago

I want 3DS version, please!!! :)

ChickeyCantor3666d ago

In all honesty the art is horrid.

Venox20083665d ago

yea, it could be better.. but it's good that it's not worse than that, if a gameplay will be good, I'm Ok with this

LiViNgLeGaCY3665d ago

The masochistic setting looks impossible. I like my games with challenge, but damn.

ChrisPriestman3665d ago

Note that it is, as you say, a "setting". You have the choice to play the game like that; it's very customizable and very fun. Like a party game but pure platforming.

Source: I've been playing the crap out of it