Halo Now Playable on PS3: Via UT3 (Includes Screenshots)


"In an odd turn of events for non-PS3 games making their way to the console, the Halo map "Wizard" is now playable in Unreal Tournament 3. Should this awaken Microsoft lawyers? We hope not."

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Relcom3957d ago

I'm sorry Xbox guys i couldn't help myself.

toughNAME3957d ago

you busy right now? lets go play Unreal

I'll send you an invite

...oh wait...


I'm sorry Sony fans I couldn't help myself

Relcom3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

that was funny

One thing you don't know this but UT3 is one of the few games on PS3 that let you send invites and chat and what not so.. Yeah i'll send you one ;)

Azures3957d ago

is XBL even up? so hard to tell these days.

marinelife93957d ago

I guess you don't realize you can send invites to friends in UT III??

I'm still waiting for that Gears of War mod.
Same engine
Gears code is on PC
Third person mod already created

It's only a matter of time.

toughNAME3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

well Relcom can take a joke clearly you guys can't.

and I...along with the *51* other people on my friends list... haven't had a single problem with LIVE

these things...tend to be exaggerated

Kleptic3957d ago

well bloodgulch and sidewinder are both close to complete as well...but the creator claims to be 'scared' of cooking it for the PS3...I bet he does it anyway...I would assume most legal matters would only come into play if the kid tried to charge for it...

and yeah, Toughname you were already told about how UT3 has game 'invites'...but you weren't told that they do absolutely get a message "so and so has invited you to a game"...ha...and thats can then find his name on your list and 'follow player'...or back track all the way to the main menu...go to community...go to friends...and "look" at the invite he sent you...but as far as I can tell it still doesn't do anything...

when you recieve the message though, its not like it says accept or just tells you you are welcome to join him...which seems redundant, because you could do that anyway...

its CoD 4 that needs the invites...UT3 has it under control...sort can join them through the friends list, just like Warhawk...

SL1M DADDY3957d ago

Yeah they do get exaggerated a bit. Like the time people thought the hardware failures for the 360 were exaggerated only to find out that they were in fact as bad as they though. lol

InMyOpinion3957d ago

Nice work! Too bad they can't recreate the awesome gameplay though.

Violater3957d ago

Stop Dissin ma blu ray playerz

See I can Joke too.
Have fun!

snoopgg3957d ago

Do you feel any dumber then you look and sound right now.

Bubble Buddy3957d ago

aww toughname has 51 friends on xbox live, I'm proud of him.

fusionboxer3957d ago

Get hang em high in there!

The XBOT3957d ago


Back to Radiant Silvergun on the Saturn...

toughNAME3957d ago

I didn't put stars around 51 because I wanted to show everyone how many friends I had

51 should be a significant number to the Sony fanboys...hopefully you guys caught that

TheWishman3957d ago

To Jenzo who said that its to bad it cant recreate the awesome gameplay.

I suspect you haven't played Unreal 3 yet? Anyone who compares this to Halo should be castrated.

Unreal feels like a game for men, and Halo feels like a game for children/people who like to jump like rabbits nonstop and unload multiple clips to get a kill or a no skill required sniper

Gondee3957d ago

Its just the map gemotrey. Nothing special. this has been happing on the PC for along time now.

neogeo3957d ago

I'll play Halo on PS3 while you Xbots do this all night.

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toughNAME3957d ago

lol MS lawyers?

the original Wizard wasn't quite a creative marvel...its a pretty generic FPS map

but this was a great map in the first 2 halos I wish they included it in Halo 3

Relcom3957d ago

Is this one of the popular Halo maps?
(sorry my Halo knowledge is very limited when it comes to multiplayer,i only played single)

toughNAME3957d ago

too small a map for most games

oddball was fun though *the old teleporter-teleporter strategy*

eddierivera3957d ago

They think that their system is so much better than the ps3, lol,, Most of them havent even played on a ps3 yet, but yet they open up their broke @ss mouths. I wonder what they are gonna say after we get in game xmb, and then home,,, I cant wait to see how they react.

JOLLY13957d ago

I think you can....wait....

InMyOpinion3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

At the time the PS3 gets ingame xmb(what's taking so long? memory issues?) the 360 will probably have other newer features, that you in turn will have to wait for.

TheWishman3957d ago

Once again Jenzo, you are making yourself look more and more like someone with no justifiable reasons behind your arguments.

For those of us who own all of the next gen systems, they will probably say that the PS3 is far more powerful

I love my 360, but i hate buying stuff for it especially considering Live has sucked major ass lately and i actually pay for that crap.

At least PSN is FREE and remember us "sony fanboys" get all of these extra maps and mutators to play with whereas the 360 version is stripped and pointless

Genki3957d ago

By that logic, Forza wouldn't have physics as good as it does and such robust customization options, because it would be too busy catching up to Gran Turismo.

Creativity doesn't grow on trees.

Cynical-Gamerzus3957d ago

True Xbots are nothing but budget gamers who wanted a cheap "PC" to play games on -guess what PC's games are waining!!!
ITs gonna be the PS3 era soon!!
And every one who has played my PS3 have regretted be inpatient and getting a budget PC aka xbox360...
The BLuray and multimedia fucntions alone are phenomenal!..Nothing comes close and and the updates keep rolling in...
HOME is gonna be awesome...
THis Unreal mod is amazing this is just the start of an amazing open approach for SOny and EPic.
My only regret is that OSX doesn't run on PS3 !

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LOFT3163957d ago

are very impressive!! It just brings a whole lot more to the game for the PS3
The action cam one is a good addition

heyheyhey3957d ago

cool, people were bound to make stuff like this- expect pretty much every halo map in UT3 sometime soon

Mc1873957d ago

bubbles for heyheyhey.

InMyOpinion3957d ago

IMO the maps aren't what makes Halo a legendary fps that kills most competition when it comes to online console gaming. It's the amazingly gameplay.

dantesparda3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

You got to be kidding me right? Halo 3's online game sucks! And i own all 3 Halo games. You must not get out much.

Update: Well if the amount of people playing it is a gauge of just how good it is. Then Britney Spears and Nsync must have been awesome then, by that logic. Sales only mean "popularity" to me. I dont care what anybody says. and i agree, COD4 is better. And whats funny is i was going to emphasize the word "console" originally, but didnt out of laziness and figuring that people's common sense would kick in and tell them that for them

InMyOpinion3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Read my comment again. I said most online console competition. IMO COD4 is better. If Halo 3's online is t3h suxXx0rz, how come it's one of the most played games on Live?

TheWishman3957d ago

JENZO after responding to this third in a series of your terribly biased and pretty unhelpful comments i must say that it is clear now that you play very few games if you think Halo is the best online game.

are you actually comparing the average 10 year old community of Halo to the actually skillful game of Call of Duty 4? Or maybe you just cant live since death occurs with 2 bullets like reality rather then shooting whole clips in halo

InMyOpinion3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

I said that I think COD 4 is the best online game. Read the post above you again.

It's only on this site that games like Halo 3 and Super Mario Galaxy are considered jokes.

Yes, I compare the online experiences of Halo 3 and COD 4. What's wrong with that? I think they are both great games with their own ups and downs (although I prefer COD 4 on a personal note). The Halo community is great, with options to share your replays and create and share levels in the forge.

COD4 is very realistic and demands lots of skill. Have you tried the 'noob-tube'? It let's noobs kill skilled veteran players using the grenade launcher. Very balanced indeed... ;)

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