This is why we need more than 2GB vRAM in our graphics cards

DSOGaming writes: "You know what? Specular and diffuse maps are perhaps the cleverest things we’ve ever seen in the gaming industry. Specular and diffuse maps are usely applied when light is being casted on various textures. Ironically, they are also those that have kept us behind this whole time, as most developers use detailed specular and diffuse maps to ‘hide’ their blurry and low-resolution textures. This can be easily noticed even in Crysis, especially when there is no light to hide the textures of those awful rocks. As a result of that, textures in shadow places look flat and blurry as hell."

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Hoje03083665d ago

Someone should write an article on the importance of proof reading and send it to the "author" of this article.

mamotte3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

CPU: 3.58 MHz 16-bit
8 Digital Audio Channels
Audio RAM: 64 KB
Resolution: 256x224, 256x448, 512x224, 512x448
RAM: 128 KB
Video RAM: 64 KB

It can make this:

And is still better than most modern games. Wanna drool over graphics? Go see Avatar.

nepdyse3665d ago

Spoken like a true console tard. Just because you're too poor to own an awesome gaming rig, doesn't mean that the rest of us who do, don't want video games to move forward in terms of visual fidelity, ai, gameplay etc.Oh btw that game sucks ass now, it was fun when I was 8.

john23665d ago

Artistic style is completely different. I love Chrono Trigger (and pretty much every modern 2D games) but that does not mean that we should get stuck with old-gen graphics