10 Reasons Zelda 3DS Will Ultimately Fail

In all likelihood the next time we see Zelda it will be for Nintendo’s newest hand-held, the Nintendo 3DS. Sure, we know Nintendo is working on two Zelda games at once, but traditionally games are able to be made faster for the hand-held platforms than for consoles. That, and we just got Skyward Sword, so all signs point to Zelda 3DS next.

While Zelda Informer is highly anticipating it’s release, and it will receive critical acclaim, sales wise it’s going to not only sell less than Nintendo anticipates, it will do poorly enough to beg the question “Is Zelda dead?”. Now, that’s a bold claim statement but Zelda Informer has what they believe are 10 unbelievably solid reasons Zelda 3DS is not going to be the “savior” I think Nintendo is looking for.

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Optical_Matrix3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

This is probably one of the worst articles I've ever seen written in my life. It seems as though its written by someone who knows a lot about Zelda, but absolutely nothing about how the videogames market works. Twilight Princess on the Wii sold 6 million relatively early on in the Wii's life fact it was a launch title.

A 17 million + install base is more than enough to sell the next 3DS Zelda game too. The game hasn't even been announced. Lets not make stupid, crass assumptions just yet.

StraightPath3660d ago

awful article. Zelda 3DS will just boost 3DS sales even more along with new pokemon and mario games what were they thinking when writing this? From the last Zelda master piece game Skyward Sword we can be sure this will be another innovating game using the 3DS functions to amaze, But i hope they dont add gimmick stuff like motion control like they add with Skyward Sword the only bit that was bad.

dark-hollow3660d ago

I love how some of his points contradict with each other.

Venox20083660d ago

try harder.. I love zelda and I know that there'll be a title with quality and I love 3D in my 3DS, so if they are gonna focus on 3D to make game look good from a scratch, that's only a good thing, I loved 3D in Mario 3D land it was great for me, I can't expect less from Zelda, maybe even better.. OOT was a remake and looked really good (except I didn't like fingers on hand, but everything else was great)..

InklingGirl3660d ago

I hate these articles, do people really not have anything better to do then predict the death of the most popular gaming franchises ever?

Go to bed kid...

Young_ART3660d ago

I agree with everything the author has stated. Well written article.

Fylus3660d ago

Sorry people, he forgot to add that he was being sarcastic^^^

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