Silent Hill: Book of Memories seems quietly delayed again


Silent Hill: Book of Memories was originally due to release in March, but Konami delayed it to May without telling anybody. Well, we're halfway through May and guess what! It appears to be postponed at the eleventh hour with no formal announcement. Yep ... again.

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sinncross3667d ago

Its going to be re-shown at E3.

Trenta273666d ago

That game must be in some serious trouble. My hopes weren't too high anyway after Downpour and the HD collection. =/

HarryMasonHerpderp3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

I hope it gets cancelled.
Just not a fan of butchering the silent hill franchise.
Still we have the old games to look back on with the
HD collection right?......oh wait >_<
screw you Konami.

n4gisatroll3666d ago

Why are you always hating and trolling every silent hill article?

HarryMasonHerpderp3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Silent hill was my favourite franchise.
It just sucks watching Konami ruin it with
every new instalment.
Im still really annoyed about the HD collection,
i was so looking forward to 2 of my favourite
games being in HD and look what they did to it!
they changed the voices,took textures out of the game,took the fog out,filled it with bugs and slow framerate the list goes on!
And now we have book of memories a top down shooter with stuff taken out of the old games,you know? the games with meaning and symbolism that still hold up to this day as some of the best horror games ever made.

*sigh* but you're right i am trolling a bit.
ill shut up from now on and stop posting on these articles. My bad.
just a SH1-4 fanboy lol

Braid3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

I second that. I'm sorry but I'll be harsh, this game looks like an unholy piece of abomination. Compare this to Silent Hill Origins and you'll understand what I mean. Co-op Silent Hill with birdseye camera? This must be a joke.

I'm a huge fan of SH series and I was eagerly waiting for a SH game for my Vita. There has been some speculations that a SH game was in the works, so I was confident that this would be the ultimate SH experience on a handheld just like it was with SH Origins. And then I saw the gameplay trailer and... Oh man, I'm just gonna tell you that it was one of the main reasons I sold my Vita.

Downpour on the other hand, is not the best SH game but it sure as hell is an atmospheric experience with nice design and a good presentation. Vatra did it well, it was a lot better than the other abomination known to mankind as Homecoming.

n4gisatroll3666d ago

I never saw these early dates, I've always seen October 2012. Well, other than the march date.

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