Gamers get room at Epic

The video-game company that developed the successful "Gears of War" franchise is engaging the gears of expansion in Cary.

The company has expanded steadily in the past two years as sales of its games and game-development software have grown. It has 94 employees, having grown by about an employee a month, Rein says. That pace is expected to continue for at least two years as Epic churns out more games.

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beaner714813956d ago

Maybe one of them can look at fixing the broken pc version of gears of war. They like tagging gears of war on everything in the press, yet i have not once seen them respond to the all of the post on technical issues with the game on pc. They make a highly broken product on pc, neglect the people who bought it, then wonder why the next (not so different Unreal Tournament 3 for pc)doesn't sell.

prodg523956d ago

I see these guys around town driving some really nice cars! I'm in the wrong business! Game design isn't far from biochem...