Give the Vita a chance

Scott from the D Pad D Bags breaks down his opinions and thoughts on Playstation's Vita

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Akuma-3658d ago

I have and It's amazing. I just can't wait for a flood of quality titles so more people buy it and more developers support it

TheController3658d ago

I'm extremely happy with mine. I would like to see more people go out and buy it so that devs would take it more seriously and make the great games and so the system can live up to its potential.

BuffMordecai3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Its a great system, but those memory card prices, yikes. I bought the 32GB and that put a dent in my wallet. Also, if they want more people to be downloading their games, they need to come out with a larger card later this year, maybe a 64GB or 128GB. With the larger games coming in around 3 GB, it won't take long to fill the largest memory card. They should drop that 3G version too, with Wifi hotspots nearly everywhere, the feature is pretty useless, besides, not many people want to pay $300 for a handheld.

TooTall193658d ago

It's only $250, and there have been multiple chances in the U.S. to get a free game and memory card with the purchase of a $250 wifi only system.

Ju3657d ago

He said 3G. And, the memory card prices are ridiculously high. Just some here and there offer to get free stuff does not change the average pricing. I agree with everything BuffMordecai said.

vividi3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

I already did and is great, currently playing uncharted it amaze me, it is so beautiful for a handle, I give my 3ds to my wife she love it ( I think is great to) and the vita just for me LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.