Rumor: The Witcher 3 in the works

According to several job listings, CD Project is working on the Witcher 3 along to a second project.

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MariaHelFutura3662d ago

I'm pretty sure they just said they were working on new project, not the Witcher.

Convas3662d ago

Actually, if you look at the post on their company blog, they are working on both The Witcher 3 AND a new RPG IP.

NukaCola3662d ago

I thought I read somewhere that they are creating a new IP and Witcher 3. Also, I heard it will release on Sony/MS/PC simultaneously.

TheDareDevil3662d ago

Haven't played any of the Witcher games yet but I will most surely try out Witcher 2 soon.

b_one3662d ago

mainly you should play part 1 first, then part 2 - saved games are imported so adventure may be more...hmmm FULL

TheDareDevil3662d ago

Ideally I would love to play it that way but there's no way in hell my rig can run the Witcher 1. So the only way I can play it is on my Xbox.

Yeah, I read somewhere that based upon the choices you make in the first act, your location can be completely different in Act II compared to someone elses which sounds so cool!

reznik_zerosum3662d ago

what are changes if u import save from w1 in w2 ?

b_one3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Changes? - mainly decisions, if i remember there was 3 possible endings in w1 so - NPC can remember your actions in w1 and will act different, some ppl may live, some not ;) usual stuff ;)

DareDevil - too bad... u can always read some faqs about changes and possibilities ;)

btw pirated version of Witcher 2 had pranks included ;) all over the game :D and CDPR had big ROTFL out of ppl posting YT videos on "HOW THE CDPR F UP the game" ;)

noprin3662d ago

you should play it
witcher 2 is great

Captain Qwark 93662d ago

love love love the witcher 2. after that experience ill buy every game they make until they give me a reason not too

Rampaged Death3662d ago

If they don't make the story easy to follow I won't bother.

saemasesquire3654d ago

lol the story wasnt hard to follow at all
there is basically three main overarching plotlines, with a ton of smaller ones popping up now and then. i mean yeah, it did require some thought now and then, but it was still very enjoyable to find out what happened next to everything you did, and always left me wanting more