Borderlands 2 video preview - OPM

Here’s a Borderlands 2 video preview where Leon talks about his hands on experiences with the game.

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RedSoakedSponge3662d ago

cant wait to be addicted to borderlands again. the first one had me hooked for a long while and i see borderlands 2 taking even more of my time! :D

hennessey863662d ago

"The cell-shaded cartoon visuals look amazing on next-gen games boxes" take from this what you will, but has Borderlands 2 been shown on next gen systems behind closed doors?.

Mr Scooch3662d ago


If anyone were to get a next gen preview then it wouldn't be NUTS.
Writer was probably too busy looking at boobies to see what he was typing!

deep_fried_bum_cake3662d ago

I wouldn't look too much into nuts magazine's gaming insights seeing as it is a magazine created for women to showcase their tits for the male population.