Epic: Next-Gen consoles must have a lot more power

Epic says it's the power, that make you buy Next Gen consoles.

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theeg3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

next gen consoles, sadly, will be even more underpowered than the 360/ps3 were at launch in relation to current pc's, and will fall ever farther behind the pc within a year of release than ps3/360 did

xbox360 launched in 2005

ps3 in 2006

crysis in 2007 and nothing on either console has ever even come close to crysis 1 in dx10 at 1080p with 8x anti aliasing and everything maxed to very high to this day in 2012, NOTHING on console even looks to be in the same gen as crysis, let alone crysis 2, arma 2, stalker, metro, hard reset, the witcher 2

we'll be lucky if next gen consoles look that good, sadly, they probably won't

let alone how freaking epic games look in 1600p with dx11, hell, next, next, next gen consoels won't be where high end rigs are today!

thebudgetgamer3657d ago

I'd rather play Little Big Planet.

the worst3657d ago

crysis was and still is trash
there nothing on pc's

Uncharted2Vet3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Dude who the fuck cares about visuals, the last time I checked you cant play graphics. Its all about gameplay when it comes to video games. You can the most visually stunning game ever but if that game sucks when it comes down to gameplay, then what you have is pretty piece of trash. An to be quite honest all those games you mentioned fit the category of "pretty trash" imo.

LightofDarkness3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Graphics and gameplay are intertwined. There is no gameplay without graphics, unless you like to play completely sonic games.

The satisfaction of gameplay, even gameplay itself, comes from you seeing your inputs and actions represented on-screen. Without the visuals it's nothing. They are not mutually exclusive, they're very much co-dependent, more-so than any of the other elements that make up gaming.

It's the same with art direction and graphics. Graphics is an umbrella term used to describe all of the computer generated stuff you see on-screen. Art direction IS graphics.

Most of the games you enjoy today only seem more enjoyable than previous games because of visuals. They're still the same basic games with better graphics and bigger worlds, all thanks to increased horsepower. The entire FPS/TPS market is predicated on it.

And nobody who's played those games would ever say they're "pretty trash", so I think it's fair to say you know nothing of what you speak, i.e. "a**-babble".

Tachyon_Nova3657d ago

According to every Call of Duty hater graphics are all that maters...

thebudgetgamer3657d ago

I have never bought a console due to its power, games interest me.

DeadlyFire3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

I detect Epic overselling Unreal Engine 4.0 power already. That's not to say the engine won't be supremely awesome though. Just Epic's way of saying OMG its coming guys. ITS UNREAL!!!! JUST LOOK AT IT. ITS AWESOME!!

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