Some GAME Stores Not Stocking Diablo III, Not Providing Refunds On Pre-Orders

Kotaku Australia writes: As a result of today’s news that GAME has gone into Administration, select GAME stores will not be receiving stock of Diablo III. We’ve just been informed that if you have a pre-order with a store not receiving Diablo III stock, no refunds will be provided.

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RankFTW3660d ago

That's pretty messed up.

hiredhelp3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

They are on british grounds they and all company's here have to follow the rules consumer rights. After all sure they wouldnt want legal battles from angury gamers.

They still trading they still have assets they have to give refund.

Scrap what i said to all. Face palm moment. Just woke up

RankFTW3660d ago

Haha we'll let you off, this time...

Grap3660d ago

wait? is that legal!! because last time i checked in my third world country it's not and i can sue them and close the store if they did this to other costumer.

Zha1tan3660d ago

Cheap pieces of crap to the very end?

SnakeCQC3660d ago

wow they have have downsized considerably soon they will fade and they aren't even trying to give good customer support they wont be remembered

jessupj3660d ago

They'll be remembered for their bad customer service.

Jdoki3660d ago

Not sure of Australian law, but I believe in most places, that when a company goes in to Administration all assets are frozen.

This means they can't give the money back even if they wanted to.

Individuals who have given money to GAME will need to get added to a list of people owed money. This should be announced in due course if a rescue deal can not be put together,

The worst case is that the Administrators have to sell off all the GAME assets to raise money to pay people back - why this is unfortunate is because normally those owed the biggest amount of money are paid first (i.e those company's who have sold stock to GAME and are awaiting invoices to be paid etc); also, it can take a long time to sort out.

So considering that there is likely to be a shortfall between how much the Administrators can get for the GAME assets, and the total amount of money owed to people, there's a chance that the 'little guys' may never see a penny back.

GrumpyVeteran3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

(The following is pretty much what you said)

Anyone who has pre ordered is now an unsecured creditor and on the list of priority people to be paid out, they're on the bottom of the list. The way these things go is, by the time they get to them on the list, there will be no money left. If there is, these people may only get paid back 10 cents each.

Awful situation.

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The story is too old to be commented.