Life in an Open World Zombie Outbreak, DayZ, an ARMA 2 mod - Part 1

"My first death was a naive one. I could hear gunshots up ahead, the sound of inhuman snarls and responding muzzle-blasts. I figured someone was in need of saving. Little did I realize that person would be me." (Chris von Wilczur, Velocity Gamer)

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SPAM-FRITTER-1233667d ago

this mod seems to have gotten big the past few weeks.

great mod though.

ALICE6663667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

This zombie survival mod has been getting loads of attention the past week.

Even though its only in alpha stage of the mod it is incredibly popular right now. (just check the neogaf thread etc) I've already had a few runs in it and the game is just crazy fun and scary.. You have to scavenge for food, water, weapons to just survive. The zombies are dangerous as hell but they arent the worse threat for you... its the other human players is what you really have to worry about as they can kill you and loot your corpse. Also game is perma-death so is incredibly hardcore lol.

Its the most fun I've had all year and thats saying alot for an alpha mod. I cant wait to see what else they add down the line!

If your even remotely interested in a online persistant zombie survival game definately check this out. :)

pr0digyZA3667d ago

Ye its been really big on Neogaf, been following it a while. I was wondering when articles were going to hit n4g on it.

juaburg3666d ago

Im not a PC gamer, but this sounds shit hot! Enjoy it guys!