Sony Explains New PlayStation 3 Bundle - 'Pick N Mix'

Spong writes:

"This morning we reported on SCEE's latest PlayStation 3 bundle with its first-party games, which included a 40Gb. We reported our confusion and said that Sony was going to report back on our questions regarding the death of the 60Gb PS3, as well as whether - as reported elsewhere - this was a new official bundles or merely advisory."

"SCEE, as promised, has responded. Here's what we have been told, this afternoon"

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The Killer3929d ago

after the 60GB inventory finishes!

Says you3929d ago

Every time they would catch up to the system that doesn't work in no time hell I think I should be an employee for them and give them strategy in how to sell there console.

WilliamRLBaker3929d ago

All activities in sony point towards one fact.

We will be discontinueing all SKU's except the 40 gig world wide.

Kyur4ThePain3929d ago

for the day when there is only one SKU.

I hope Sony make a big deal about it.
This can only be a good thing as it will remove buyer confusion if there is only the one model.

Also, with future price drops, and the fact that it's not BC will mean current PS2 owners will be that much more inclined to get into the HD gaming era by picking up a 40GB model.

Ju3929d ago

Yeah, imagine. Only the 40Gigs. And sometimes SW BC is back.