Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: What's Next?, January 14, 2008:

So, what's next?

After Warner Bros.' endorsement of Blu-ray shortly before the Consumer Electronics Show, many analysts have said Blu-ray will be the ultimate winner in its high-def disc format war against HD DVD.

But how much longer will the war go on? And, what will happen before it comes to an end -- assuming that it does?

Here's Swanni's prediction for what's likely to transpire in the high-def format war in 2008:

1. The HD DVD Surge

2. Toshiba & Sony Will Begin Peace Talks

3. The Studios Bring Down the Hammer

4. Toshiba-Sony Talks Heat Up

5. Microsoft Jumps Ship

6. The Agreement Is Announced

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TheExecutive3957d ago

How much longer will it go on?

Until the retailers decide to stop selling HD-dvd standalone players.

VirusE3956d ago

The hd-dvd camp needs to give up and go home. I hate the idea of bluray because Sony has effed the consumer to many times with proprietary formats but you would have to be blind to not see that it is destroying hd-dvd.

whoelse3957d ago

I think Toshiba wont give up with a fight but as long as Sony and Warner get the message across which side they are on, Blu-ray will win easily.

blackmagic3956d ago

Or dual format players will reach a price point that will make the format war meaningless.

deeznuts3956d ago

You do. You came in here to read it and reply.

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