Masonic Gamer Podcast Episode 3

We know it’s been a long week. You probably finished listening to our last show days ago, and are suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms by now. Well, we’re back, giving you another sweet hit of audible chocolate! Matt joins us once again, so our trio becomes a quartet – it’s fun for all the family.

On this week’s show, we have our usual news discussion, talk a little about Minecraft on the Xbox 360, give our opinions on the current state of DLC, then finish off by chatting with Nels Anderson from Klei Entertainment, who dishes the dirt on this Summer’s XBLA title Mark of the Ninja.

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GamingLite3665d ago

Really enjoying your podcasts guys, I have been listening to gaming podcasts for a number of years and its nice to see new casts come on the market.

I love the interview sections and this weeks is probably the best one so far, Really looking for to Mark Of The Ninja..

Keep up the good work