Can The Xbox 360 Serve A Purpose When The 720 Comes Out?

If you've been a gamer for the past decade and experienced the change in generation you'll know that most old systems are discontinued after the successor is released. Of course the exception to the rule is the PS2, but systems like the XBOX and Gamecube were forgotten quickly after the Wii and Xbox 360 were released and the same is true for most systems in the past such as the Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Genesis and so on. The generational transition that is approaching may not turn out like years past as Microsoft is shifting the image of the Xbox 360 in an attempt to future proof its system.

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tdogchristy903666d ago

As long as they support it with good games, maybe downgraded versions of 720 games, I could see it lasting. Now if they only keep it for netflix and move ALL games to 720 then I could see an issue. Like the author said it's definitely a good all in one system and graphics wise will satisfy some...just as long as they continue to release most/same games on it even if they are a slightly lower quality from 720 graphics, then I think we'll be good.

Ulf3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Who is "they"? Surely you don't think MS ports every game to the 360 themselves.

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joab7773666d ago

It will have a longer bridge life for the many that cant afford a new system yet or those that play pc but dont wanna spring for the new one. Its because of xbox live. Most downloadable game could appear on both. I dont see games being made for it for long. The ps3 will absolutely because of blu ray. If only for that ill put it in my bedroom.


of course just look at the original xbox they supported the crap out of it

MrMister3666d ago

MS hasn't had a plethora of exclusives since 2 years ago. How they gonna support it? With more twitter and facebook apps? Now I hear that their top priority is Windows integration...who ever asked for that? I'm done with M$. They never cared about games. Domination and profit were all they ever had in mind imo.

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megajon3666d ago

I could see some games getting released on both systems, but I think that is mostly up to the publisher and development studio. I would expect big blockbuster games to only be released on the 720 in an effort to push hardcore gamers to upgrading. Kinect games and sports games would probably be released for both systems as well as games like need for speed and forza.

tdogchristy903666d ago

True but one thing going for the 360 say over the original xbox is the install base. I doubt developers would want to miss out on the millions of 360 owners compared to the low number of 720 when it's new. Sure in time the 720 install base will catch up but for the forseeable future it makes sense to release on 360 and move as much product as possible.

megajon3666d ago

I think the biggest thing that will attribute to the 360's staying power is the evolution of Xbox Live and the social media craze. The 360 will be relevant as long as Facebook and Twitter are around since Microsoft will do a ton of marketing explaining to the consumers that all you need is a Xbox 360.

sloth33953666d ago

they might kill it off like the did with the first Xbox

megajon3666d ago

I'm sure they will eventually, but I think the 360 will stay around for years even after the next generation starts due to the economy and the main stream consumers interest in social media and streaming movies. Even if they stop making games for the 360 Xbox Live is still a paid service that can make Microsoft money on the 360.

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StrongMan3666d ago

Did the first Xbox serve a purpose when the Xbox 360 came out?

megajon3666d ago

Not really, the original Xbox didn't have all of the digital applications and abilities that the 360 has. Since the Xbox was Microsoft's first attempt at a game console they mostly used it to figure out the market and then ditched it once the 360 came out.

WeskerChildReborned3666d ago

It serve's the purpose of being a budget gaming system compared to the next gen XBOX cause not everyone will be able to afford it.

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