Burnout Team Talks Multiplatform Development

The burnout paradice devs talk about Multiplatform Development, the differences between ps3 and xbox360 Development and Internet fanboys on the crash FM podcast

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Daz5944d ago

From the developers them selfs. If you dont like what they say get off this site lol.

Meus Renaissance5944d ago

I always assumed the 360 had a more powerful video card. You learn something new everyday! I'm saving this MP3 file for reference in the future in debates.

The Killer5944d ago (Edited 5944d ago )

what u said is the ps3 processors r powerful and limited ?
how will a normal processor be more flexible more than cell? and in wat way is the cell limited? what i read is cell is very powerful at distrubution parallel calculations so how is that restricted? and what does 360 processors can do that the cells in ps3 cant do?
about the graphic card i know the 360 has more RAM but everything else its not more powerful than RSX, plus we all know also the Dev pointed out that RSX can use a lot of help from the Cells and since the what they can do with the cell at this point is so little i can see the graphics of ps3 games will get improved till at least 3 years from now!!


would u be so kind and explain to me what is the general purposes of the CPU's other than calculating as fast as possible and as much as possible?

drewdrakes5944d ago (Edited 5944d ago )

Cell is a math beast but cant do much general purpose. The Xenos IS more powerful then RSX. Just looking at shaders the RSX has 24 parallel pixel pipelines and 8 vertex. The Xenos has 48 general purpose (can do both vertex and pixel).

Edit to above: Well you pretty much summed it up. But unfortunately the Cell can only do that with math.

I was looking into using the PS3 as a server, but it just doesnt have enough RAM. You are only allowed to access 256MB, the other 256 is video RAM. Plus anything you have in RAM has to be passed to the local store (256KB per SPE, and each SPE CANNOT read other SPE's local store) of the SPE that is going to do the processing, they dont have access to the main RAM, although this is rather easy to get around. All you have to do is set up a data struct on the sending and receiving ends and all will be well, but that still sucks to have to do.

Zuhk5944d ago

I am currently at work and cant listen to it. However i'm sure it has something to do with how powerful the 360 is compared to the PS3.

Meus Renaissance5944d ago (Edited 5944d ago )

The PS3's processors are more powerful than the 360's yet are more bottlenecked with sophistication so it limits what they can do with it. The 360's processors however are more flexible and so they can be as creative as they like with it, and so the end products between the two are comparable.

The Xbox 360's video card is not more powerful. It's a myth. But, again, due to complications they're restricted with the PS3's one. However, because it has those powerful processors, they can use some of the SPU's to help with the graphical output, so once again, the end product is comparable.

Basically, the PS3 is technically more favourable but because of the sophistication of the architecture, that isn't open to them whereas with the 360, it is, they can mould their designs how they like. So in this case, muscle doesn't mean strength.

So they speak of the positives and negatives of each console, which when compared, don't show any clear winner. But I suppose the negatives of the PS3 aren't really concrete as that can change in a few years. However, when testing Burnout on both platforms, they realised there "is so much power to be untapped by both" that you won't see either peaking any time soon.

Daz5944d ago (Edited 5944d ago )

Why as he got disagrees he ask for help. i know his a fanboy, but thats not a fanboy commet, so there not need to press disagree.
some people these days.

tethered5944d ago

@ Daz

Quoting Zuhk:
3 - Can someone give a summary as to what is said?
I am currently at work and cant listen to it. However i'm sure it has something to do with how powerful the 360 is compared to the PS3.

Its because of that last part. You see the fanboy remark?

Daz5944d ago (Edited 5944d ago )

so if he said how powerful the ps3 is compared to the 360 it be ok with you. To me thats not a fanboy comment.

You didnt understand it did you and you took it the fanboy way.

SO each time someone says compare to something there a fanboy ok, thats what your telling me it looks like.

poos35944d ago

dont worry crition is garbage dev and they said the 360 is more powerfull

MaximusPrime5944d ago (Edited 5944d ago )

lol at Zuhk (formally known as Zhuk)'s moronic comment.

PS3 is more powerful than xbox. Burnout Paradise is another example why PS3 is powerful.

Thanks for the summary, Meus.

tethered5944d ago

@ Daz

Its a fanboy comment because he sates his opinion as a fact without even listening to the PodCast.

He just assumes he is right.

heyheyhey5944d ago


im not sure who is more retarded- you or mesh1

anyway criterion made the burnout series (obviously) and black which are both stunning games (they made others i think) and is it just me or were they the ones who created the legendary renderware engine? im not too sure....

anyway they did not say the 360 is more powerful- they said its easier to use, but that will change with time as devs get to know the ps3 architecture better and sony provide them with good kits to unlock CELL power

anyway im glad a dev finally sorted out that "inferior GPU" myth- the RSX was made especially for the ps3 by nvidia and it is great

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IamTheStorm815944d ago (Edited 5944d ago )

Setting aside the technical side of things, as an owner of both, I can honestly say I've been far more impressed with the PS3's offerings then the 360's offerings.

Games like Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Heavenly Sword and Lair, look better in my opinion then do the 360's big titles like Gears of War, Halo 3 and BioShock. Mind you this is also in one years less time.

Looking towards the future, Killzone 2, MGS4, Final Fantasy XIII and Resistance 2 are blowing me away, but I don't see much coming for the 360 that competes on a graphical level.

I'm not going to pretend that I know the technical side, but when I look at what games I'm playing and how they look and how they sound, there is, to me, a noticeable difference between the two systems' offerings. The latest games on the PS3 look fantastic, and the games soon to be released look unbelievable.

As a gamer and not a game developer, it's beyond me to argue what system is better. I would be lying if I tried to make that argument on the technical side. That being said, the PS3's games, in less time, have impressed me more then the 360's games in more time. Looking towards the future, this trend seems to continue, and the gap between them seems to be growing.

Your preference to the art style plays a big role in what you think looks better, but for my eyes the PS3 has the best looking games yet, namely Uncharted. Both systems have some great looking games, but Uncharted eclipses them all, in my opinion.

TheExecutive5944d ago

I think you need an 8th bubble

Daz5944d ago (Edited 5944d ago )

Nice opinion but my opinion is that i think not all ps3 game you list look better.
But i buy the games because i like them not because they look better then the other platform.

Someone dont like my opinion what happened to free speach.

titntin5944d ago

Absolutely, I also have both machines and generally prefer the PS3 stuff too.
I am a game developer (though I'm a technical artist rather than programmer), but I am well aware of the bennifits of parralel programming. Right now, the technicalities of the two machines show that they are pretty balanced. However, over the next few years - there's more potential muscle to be unlocked with the PS3.

I'm excited by the prospects for both.