Introducing You To The Ridiculously Awesome Artwork of Patrick Brown

Gaming Enthusiast wants to introduce you to a super-talented artist who has a passion for drawing gaming characters. From Metal Gear Solid to Grand Theft Auto to Assassin's Creed. He does all the latest and most popular gaming franchises.

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THESONYPS33663d ago

Wow thats some neat artwork :)

Kyosuke_Sanada3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

I love the Killzone picture which I thought captured the intensity of the fire fight and the harsh weather surrounding it pretty well........

TekoIie3662d ago

Message to publishers: Hire this guy if your not EA!!!!!!

Thedaz30003662d ago

Haha that's awesome, I know Patrick well, he's a great guy and great artist he's gonna be pretty chuffed to have a headline on a worldwide gaming news site. Screenshot taken on my iPhone and posted on his Facebook wall :-) hope this exposure helps him get some work in the gaming industry.