Bonus Round Episode 605 - Sony E3 2012 Preview Part 2: Will Sony Win E3 2012? (2/2)

GameTrailers writes:

"What will Sony have in store for gamers at this year's E3? In this episode we discuss the biggest E3 predictions and beyond. Will Sony announce a new console? What about their first party line up - does it blow Microsoft and Nintendo out of the show? Can Sony win E3 2012? Find out."

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stonecold33656d ago

the getaway 3 eightdays eyeidentify plus 20 other ps3 exclusives would be enough e3 2012

Rampaged Death3656d ago

Still living in 2005 ? I'd take Getaway 3 and Eight Days but Eyedentify can stay dead.

Whitefeather3656d ago

In my opinion Sony always win since they're the ones I care about. But realistically speaking Nintendo might give them a challenge with the Wii-U reunvieling.

LOGICWINS3656d ago

LOLOL, Pachs hilarious. Agent by this Christmas?

raytraceme3656d ago

You need to wonder why bioshock is delayed and why gta v won't come out till 2013. R* has a game in plan for the holidays and it may very well be agent.

LOGICWINS3656d ago

Who said GTAV won't come out till 2013?

PersonaCat3656d ago

Throw out some Vita titles and you have my vote Sony

MmaFan-Qc3656d ago

Shane is ALWAYS annoying and saying arbitrary dumb shits

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