Bonus Round Episode 605 - Sony E3 2012 Preview Part 1: Sony's E3 2012 Expectations (1/2)

GameTrailers writes:

"What will Sony have in store for gamers at this year's E3? In this episode we discuss the biggest E3 predictions and beyond. Will Sony announce a new console? What about their first party line up - does it blow Microsoft and Nintendo out of the show? Can Sony win E3 2012? Find out."

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silkrevolver3666d ago

I mean, it has been for the last few years too, but now it’s just so blatantly obvious.

Come on MS... get serious.

LOGICWINS3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Try to think outside of yourself. E3 doesn't sell consoles, but advertisements do. Why would Microsoft focus on E3 when the majority of their COD/Halo/Kinect buying audience don't watch, don't care, and don't even know what E3 is? It's a waste of resources just to cater to the minority of gamers that actually watch E3.

Sony on the other hand MUST perform well at E3 for the simple fact that their advertising is no where near as plentiful/engaging as Microsoft's. Getting Oprah and Bieber to advertise your product is genius. Despite the negativity surrounding these people, they are famous figures(like it or not) and they DID help Kinect get off to a great start.

Because Sony usually relies on word of mouth to sell exclusives, the hype machine begins at E3 and eventually continues through the interwebs, and then hopefully from the Internet to the mainstream world. Keyword...hopefully. Most next-gen gamers would give you a confused look if you mentioned Heavy Rain or LBP to them, thats still the reality we live in(slamming the disagree button won't stop this from being true).

On the other hand, names like Mario and Master Chief are known by MOST people who own a PS3 or a 360(or both).

silkrevolver3666d ago

It’s not that Microsoft isn’t focusing on E3, it’s that they don’t have anything to SHOW at E3. They do actually focus on E3, and that’s when they reveal a lot of their cards... unfortunately, I simply don’t care about most of their hand. Sure, if I was in a younger demographic, I think I’d be more excited, but that super young demographic doesn’t know what E3 is either.

I agree, Microsoft is obviously better at marketing, but at this point it seems like their focus is grossly slanted towards sales and marketing as opposed to production.

-Great for them, not for me.

LOGICWINS3666d ago

Then..why not just buy another console that fits your needs? My friend sold his 360 for a PS3 and took advantage of that $199 PS3 deal at Gamestop. He even got Arkham City for free. If its true that you simply don't care about their hand, then nothing they do should bother you since your not being forced to limit yourself to just a 360(at least I hope not).

vividi3666d ago

thats was a great deal, awesome and a logical change in my perspective

Hisiru3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Oh man... I can't wait for some vita news and maybe new footage for PS3 games (Last of us, maybe? last guardian?)

I also can't wait to see some Wii U games and maybe launch games. I want to see if Nintendo is really trying to deliver some serious core experience and I hope Wii U is powerful enough to run Unreal Engine 4 because if it's not powerful enough, than we will see the same Wii + no third party support novel again.

I have high expectations about Vita and Wii U.

I disagree, they do have something to show at this year's E3: Multiplatform games just like every E3 hahahaha

But seriously... Microsoft has so much money, why can't they support their system with some quality exclusives?

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vividi3666d ago

the new low for M supporters, they don't need E3, for them now is a waste of resources, OMG LOL when we stop to be gamers and start to be analyst to corporation, I am a dam gamer and I love E3 and I expect M to present games and games

LOGICWINS3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

"OMG LOL when we stop to be gamers and start to be analyst to corporation, I am a dam gamer and I love E3 and I expect M to present games and games" there an unwritten law that says that we can't be both?

Don't know where you've been, but this site is just as much about analyzing as it is about gaming(In fact, N4G is 90% ANALYZING articles/news and then talking about them). The sales articles that pop up on this site are usually stacked with comments. And for good reason. The more a certain game you like sells, the better chance that it will get a sequel. Take Yakuza 4 for example. If Yakuza 3 tanked, us GA-MERS wouldn't have gotten Y4.

Also, sales/licensing issues are the reason that we haven't seen a Shenmue 3 or a sequel to Psychonauts. As gamers who want to see their favorite franchises revitalized, of course we want to understand the issues behind the reasons of why certain games haven't come to light...this is where the ANALYZING that you seem to dislike comes in.

Being an analyst and a gamer go hand in hand. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that NOT being interested in what goes on behind the curtains of game development makes you less of a gamer, since you don't care about what it takes to bring out that final product(production costs, break even sales, advertising etc.)

vividi3666d ago

yea I know, in a free country you write what you want and I am not stopping you, I speak as a gamer, my primary concern is the games and thats is what is all about, the truth is that is a common trend that M supporters gun down things that M is lacking that in the past they were cheering, for example in 06 and 07 was all about exclusives and ps3 with no games and now is exclusives don't matter, M is making money blah blah and the new low is that E3 is a waste LOL

LOGICWINS3666d ago

"I speak as a gamer"

And I speak as an INFORMED gamer who is trying to explain WHY Microsoft doesn't present as many games as you'd like them to at E3. A "new low" to YOU may be a smart decision for someone else.