343 Industries: Expect Many Changes in Halo 4

343 Industries has made it clear: Halo 4 will be very different from past Halo games. And fans should embrace these changes because the Halo Universe is rightfully evolving. In an interview, 343 Industries addressed the reasons behind the many changes revealed so far. And based on what the company is saying, we should expect many more changes; particularly to enemies, weapons and story line:

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Hufandpuf3658d ago

Hopefully for the better. I'm liking what I see so far!

MassRunner3658d ago

I also like the direction they're taking the series as a whole. I do hope a serious focus on the campaign storytelling potential of this new trilogy and for a more balanced multiplayer experience with this about loadouts and other features being added. The thing about loadouts is, even when people have been complaining about them, that maybe you're very good with a sniper rifle, but I'm not, and that is not true balance. Maybe I can kick your ass with a DMR or a shotgun if I could select my weapons, while you could select your weapon of choice and kick my ass. That is true balance in the weapons aspect. Also, the respawning areas could also use a little work. Sometimes I get killed 2 times in a row like 2 or 3 seconds immediately after I respawn, and it's simply not fair, not giving me a chance to even breath.

Laxman3658d ago

'Balanced multiplayer experince' and 'loadouts' dont go hand in hand. Halo has always been the most balanced shooter because of its lack of loadouts - every single person came onto the field as an equal. All the guns are so very different in the Halo games that loadouts could potentially completely destroy the sense of balance, assuming they are allowing players to choose thier weapons.

h311rais3r3658d ago

@ lax

The loadouts are only the ar, br or DMR. It's not goin cod

BattleAxe3658d ago ShowReplies(4)
aviator1893658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Well, I'm pretty excited for the campaign, though I just hope they don't go overboard with the mp.

FarCryLover1823658d ago

I like what 343i is doing and Halo 4 looks great. I just hope there's not a love romance that happens between master chief and Cortana. That'd be weird.

vividi3658d ago

its looking good, its expected for halo especially the multiplayer side

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