Is Dragon's Dogma bigger than Skyrim? (video)

Skyrim is a massive game but is Capcom's soon to be released entry into the action adventure role playing game genre going to offer a larger world to explore? Take a look at the video which shows off some of the Dragon's Dogma map uncovered after many hours playing.

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alessandro103170d ago

dint play skyrim, what you all thing?

3170d ago
brodychet3170d ago

The fact that this game is being compared to Dark Souls, and the Size of Skyrim is impressive. Dark Souls being one of my favorite games, and I'd always be happy for a longer bigger game; I'm excited for DD, can't wait to pick it up.

Armyless3169d ago

"dint play skyrim, what you all thing?" -alessandro10

Then why would you comment? What are you contributing to the forum? Nothing.

If Dragon's Dogma can maintain the atmosphere and depth of combat of Dark Souls (two things Skyrim was sorely missing) then we will have a fantastic game!

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NastyLeftHook03170d ago

Is Dragon's Dogma bigger than Skyrim?

it is if you think it is.

and isn't if you think its not.

kent800820073170d ago

I guess facts mean nothing to you then

Dark113170d ago

did you play the Full game for Dragon's Dogma?


Summons753170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

they can be comparable? lawlz that's like saying dragon's dogma is a dark souls killer....oh wait

Edit: don't get me wrong I'm excited for the game but comparing it to any other game is just stupid

Baka-akaB3170d ago

I'd agree , except that for once they are per se compared games , just the size of the map . Wich is then ok .

3170d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.