Top 10 First-Person Shooters of All Time

First Person Shooters are one of the most beloved, yet over-saturated genres currently in the gaming industry. While there are a lot of great ones out there, there are an exceptional bunch that stand out over the others.

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supraking9513661d ago

couldn't have picked a better #1 :D OMG Crytek make Timesplitters 4 already!!!!

spicelicka3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Although timesplitters definately should be up there, this HAS to be a F***** JOKE.

There's no HALO, it just blows my mine that there's resistance but not a single halo? I would put all of the first three halos up there but for not saturating the list, at least halo 1 should be there.

This seems like a total fanboy list. Even if you hate halo with your guts you have to be completely ignorant to not put it among the best FPS games.

3661d ago
DeadSpaced3661d ago

You honestly seem like a fanboy. You're praising Halo (Xbox exclusive) and bashing Resistance (Sony exclusive).

Now, if you gave reasons why you feel that way, I would be perfectly fine with it.

Drake1173661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

I think that Killzone 2,3, Halo 1,2,3,Reach, and maybe even Counter strike or Unreal tournament, were more deserving of being on that list over resistance, Rainbow six vegas, and Turok 2.

Fez3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

The writer does say it's a personal list so maybe he just doesn't like Halo or has never played it. I wouldn't have Halo in my top list cos I've never finished any of the stories.

Played Halo 2 multiplayer all the time with friends and loved it and then got Halo 1 on PC but didn't enjoy the singleplayer. So I'm just not in a position to put it in my top 10.

I understand why its a great series and why so many people would have it number 1 though.

Edit: actually thinking about it, Halo 2 would probably sneak into my list cos I had a blast playing that with friends!

jthamind3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Resistance being better than DOOM and, more importantly, Half-Life 2? is this guy fucking stupid? Resistance isn't even the best shooter on PS3. and no Halo, wtf?

liquidhalos3660d ago

Yeah Halo should be in there just as much as resistance should. Gameplay aside both of those games have rocked the console boat and caused millions of heated debates between fans which is what its all about. Getting the community talking this much for so long shows how great these games are.

BattleAxe3660d ago

Resistance, CoD4, Bioshock and Rainbow six Vegas are the most deserving titles on that list. Half Life 2 is still one of the most overrated games this generation and I still don't see why a small minority of people think its one of the best FPS games of all time. People mention HL2 and story telling in the same sentence which is an oxymoron since HL2 has absolutely no story telling in it. Its took me 17 hours to beat HL2 which was one of the most boring games I have ever played. The only reason I finished the game was to shut up one of my friends who kept saying it was the best thing ever, and now I can say that having played the game myself, its boring as hell.

I would have included Bad Company 1 and/or 2 in the list, Killzone 2 and/or 3, FEAR 1, CoD: WaW, FAR CRY 2 and Rainbow Six Vegas 2. To include a game like DOOM 2 is a bit ridiculous as so many games in the past 10 years have surpassed that crap by light years. Halo is really a mediocre franchise. If the Halo hardcore that think this game is the best ever were to actually play something else, then I think their collective consciousness would expand into a different dimension and create world peace and solve the world hunger issues facing us today.

spicelicka3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

I singled out resistance on the list, not because it's a sony exclusive but because it's the closest to halo in terms of gameplay and the type of game it is, not to mention how much it borrowed from halo (which isn't a bad thing).

That's why i also mentioned timesplitters because it's a lot like halo. Regardless of where i would put halo on there, i was giving the list the benefit of doubt by splitting these games into separate niches in the FPS genre.

Half life is story driven, bioshock is like an rpg, rainbowsix and call of duty are realistic military shooters (in a sense), and the rest of the games are qualified as "old school" so i didn't want to compare them to halo.

That's why i picked the game most comparable to it, which is resistance. I've played both resistance and halo and i own both consoles so don't give me that fanboy crap. Resistance is a great great game and i have no problem with it being on the list, but it's "top 10 FPS of all time" and anyone with common sense should be able to conclude halo should be up there as well, if resistance can make it on there.

Change the list to "my 10 favourite FPS games" and everything will be back to normal, cuz this is bullshit right now.

MassRunner3660d ago

This article is bullshit if Metroid Prime is not in the list and Half-life 2 is not near the first positions. Also, I would include Crysis.

otherZinc3660d ago


I LMAO at this list, especially when I saw Resistance. This must be comedy.

The author is obviously in special ed. classes.

This stupidity has made my we know of another site to omit from the trusted list.

InactiveUser3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

R:FoM was a beast.. only 6th on this list, but plenty deserving of the cover pic.

I'd remove R6V and probably Doom 64 and Turok 2 for a Bad Company (love the characters), Halo, and a Killzone. I also don't agree on the order of the list, but overall not too horrible. Better than a lot of other Top 10s.

Edit: People below saying Portal. Portal is a great franchise, but you're not really shooting anyone. It's a puzzle game.

ginsunuva3660d ago

Resistance Fall of Man had one of the best SP and MP of all time!

It is right up there with the first two halos and such.

mewhy323660d ago

Halo Reach, Killzone 3, Should have definately been on that list.

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WeskerChildReborned3661d ago

Timesplitters was my favorite FPS of last gen.

KeiserSosay47883661d ago

Counter-Strike deserves to be above most of these. UNBELIEVABLE...

clrlite3660d ago

Yes, counter strike was and still is just amazing.

Anon19743660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Here's some quick thoughts.

Never did care for Rainbow Six Vegas. Bored me to tears and I never did get that far into it for that reason. That and the series just took such a far turn from the tactile shooter it used to be. The arcade shooter Vegas became really didn't do anything that hadn't been done before.

Resistance I get being on there. The WWII shooter with a sci-fi twist gave us great, new weapons we hadn't seen before and I cool infusion of historical shooter and evil alien killing, plus the split screen co-op made it stand out.

Perfect Dark. Ugh! And I upgraded my N64 for that ridiculous game. At the time I was playing Counter Strike and loving it and I'll never get what people saw in this game. Boring, repetitive, uninspired weapons. I tried to like this game, I really did. Even bought the second but in the end just couldn't do it. There was just nothing to hook me into these games compared to the excellent FPS games that were available on the PC at the time.

Never understood the appeal of TimeSplitters 2 either. Rented it. Played it for maybe a couple of hours. Tried some multiplayer. Never played it again. Again, I really don't know what made this game special.

Now as for Halo, I loved Halo. I would have put it on this list but I can understand it not being on here. Halo was the first, massively popular console shooter but did it really do anything new that FPS gamers hadn't seen before? Games like Unreal had already done this type of sci-fi shooter action already and everyone was playing Counter Strike and Quake 3. Halo was a good FPS game, it was just on consoles. That was really the only thing that made it stand out, and from that it gained a following.

And please don't tell me Reach should be on this list. There was nothing about that game that deserved to be in a top games list for the year, let alone for all time. What a joke that game was. Bungie clearly phoned in that lackluster, run from point a to point b uninspired mess of a game. Oh, here's something we've never seen before. An alien equivalent to a shotgun. And in the end, rather than have the player feel a sense of accomplishment, we're going to kill every faceless character, then kick you in the nuts and say "Hey! It all worked out in the end, didn't it?" I have no idea how anyone who've played games longer than 2 years can defend that game.

Borderlands should be on here somewhere. Killzone 2, not so much. Fun, but not "Best of all time" fun. Just my two cents.

InactiveUser3660d ago

You made some good points, but I disagreed because you said Borderlands should be on the list.

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Rampaged Death3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Nice to see Rainbow Six Vegas getting recognition. Don't agree with Resistance 1 on the list. I found it bland and okay at best. As much as I don't like it, Halo should be on the list.

coolbeans3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Yeah, Rainbow Six: Vegas is still my favorite FPS of this generation (it's close with a few others). I don't know about the 'gripping story' part mentioned in the list though :/.

Rampaged Death3660d ago

The story was nothing special. It was the multiplayer that was so great.

InactiveUser3660d ago

R:FoM's story telling and multiplayer (besides a couple unbalanced weapons in Ranked) were excellent.

jjdoyle3660d ago

I need to add Rainbow Six Vegas to my FPS list, I've heard lots of great things about it.

Jasko453661d ago

Meet me in the vent, facility, 2 o'clock sharp.

dangert123661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Shocking how on earth did, Killzone 2 and Halo CE not make It? though I can agree with some that are on there my personal list would go

1 Golden Eye N64 & Killzone 2(Joint First)
2 Halo Combat Evolved
3 Massive Action Game...(when you can get a game lol)
4 Time Splitters 2
5 Red Steel (Say what you want I loved It)
6 Halo 3 (Online strictly)
7 Battlefield Bad Company
8 Bioshock
10 Fear...

Yes theirs alot of FPS I've missed out on even recent ones but those I've listed I've enjoyed and after join first their just In any random order with numbers down the side you can Ignore lol

How could I forget unreal tournament!! that game WOW

3661d ago
JsonHenry3661d ago

Doom, Half Life, and Duke Nukem 3D. In that order from #1-#3 would have been my choices. But I am probably a little older than the author so..

Shinuz3661d ago

Agreed on your choice of games and i would personally add Crysis as well, its definitely one of my favorite fps of all time.