Has Sega Given Up on the 3DS for the Vita?

Is SEGA ditching the 3DS for the Vita? Not only have games in development dropped vastly for the former and significantly increased for the latter, the actual projected sales for both are skewed in a way that's disheartening for Nintendo and Sega fans.

Read on to find out the details, and our opinion as to why this is happening. Chime in with your own thoughts!

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GraveLord3661d ago

Very interesting.

It's no secret that 3rd party games have a lot of trouble selling on Nintendo consoles/handhelds.

Any smart 3rd party would be releasing their games on the competition as well.

MasterCornholio3661d ago

Well the main reason why people buy a Nintendo handheld is to play Nintendo games so it isn't a surprise to see 3rd party titles sell poorly in comparison to Nintendo games. Just look at the sales of revelations and compare it to Super Mario 3D land or Mario Kart 7

Super Mario 3D land : 6 million.
Mario Kart 7 : 5.5 million
Resident Evil Revelations: 500 thousand

It's a shame to not see Revelations sell more because it really is a great game according to fans of the franchise.


dark-hollow3661d ago

half million for such a small install base compared to more established system is not bad at all. it just nintendo games sells like crazy!

ronin4life3661d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

You forgot monster hunter 3g, which has passed 1.5 million in japan alone and continues to sell.
Or harvest moon(Japan), which has seen its highest sales in years on the 3ds.(although, this isn't common knowledge...) And rune factory 4 has seen massive pre orders, which is surprising for a series that sells most of its units through day one non pre order sales.

3rd parties usually do fine on Nintendo systems as long as they make good games. But expecting them to outsell Mario, a household name the world over, is a bit unrealistic.

And I highly doubt that Capcom are unhappy with revelations sales, as the producer wants to make more re games for the system. Which some rumors say will be available by years end

Hicken3661d ago

Small install base? Those are all 3DS games, correct? Then the install base is the same.

But despite RE:Rev being a quality game, it sees only a fraction of what the first-party games do. This has plagued Nintendo systems for a while now, and could very well be the reason why a developer would shift support to a different system.

miyamoto3660d ago

So you mean to say Nintendo 1st party games are both blessings and curses?

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Chrono3661d ago

No, they'll make games for both.

Blastoise3661d ago

Wasnt Rhythm Thief by SEGA?

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No_Pantaloons3661d ago

Sega has no clue what they're doing. All they've done is stumble around in the dark trying whatever they think might turn their ship around.

They're likely turning to the vita since it has an older demographic and will undoubtedly rehash their excellent titles from decades past to garner nostalgia and make a buck.

ronin4life3661d ago

Sega is just releasing their launch window games for vita, just like with the 3ds in the previous year. They aren't ditching anyone.
That's like saying 5 is less than 2+3: Nintendo already has the support(5) and Sony is next in line to receive an equalizing amount(+3), as it is the newest freshest console.

(The numbers aren't actually representative of the number of titles released. Just randomly chosen numbers to illustrate my thoughts.)

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