Six incredible videos that should convince you to buy Dragon's Dogma

Take a look at these videos showing off action, difficulty, epic scale and compelling gameplay you'll find in Dragon's Dogma which releases on the 25th.

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bunt-custardly3658d ago

I'm loving everything I've seen about this so far.

da_2pacalypse3658d ago

As good as the game looks, it's a capcom product, meaning I'm not buying for the reason that I know there is disc locked content which will be sold to me later on down the game's life-cycle. I'll wait until there is a complete edition.

Hellsvacancy3658d ago

I played the demo, soon changed my mind about buyin it, cancelled my pre-order at Amazon, Crapcom aint gettin my money this time round

Nodoze3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

absolutely agree. The smart gamer this generation is the one who waits for all of the content...AND a discounted price.

Look at Arkham City. The game of the year edition is about to be released and it contains ALL of the pre order suits, the upcoming cat woman DLC etc all for less than anyone who bought it day 1 paid.

I am hopeful the publishers realize that smart gamers (Who would have paid day 1 if there were value in the product) are waiting and getting the product at a discount (sometimes HEAVILY discounted, sometimes used).

It would make more sense for them to give ALL content to those that pre-order. Instead that is the very person who is penalized for buying the title. Not smart publishers, not smart. At best this is a short term model for profitability. At worst you are alienating a buyer altogether.

Capcom has been one of the prime offenders this generation. I too like what I see here, but knowing Capcom there are definitely some things they are going to try to pull with DLC or on disc paid unlocks.

Fooled me once, won't happen again.

shammgod3658d ago

Already preordered! No need to watch these spoiler videos.....but it's difficult to resist

Zeeraq3658d ago

This game looks awesome but i'll wait for "Ultimate Dragon Dogma Legend Edition"

Dark113658d ago

ok , now this is just getting ridiculous.

DragonKnight3658d ago

@Dark11: Not really. Capcom's business practices and attitude towards the consumer (meaning a complete lack of any respect for them) brings these comments on themselves. I personally can't find fault with anyone who makes such comments simply because of the way Capcom has been this gen.

But I'm getting this game. Disc locked content has no effect on me, I just want a decent RPG. Rhyme was unintentional.

Zeeraq3657d ago

I was just joking, I am looking forward to play this game.

Gen0ne3658d ago

I'm getting the game. Just not buying ANY of the dlc.

shammgod3658d ago

Good call. It will have to be a hell of a DLC for me to buy it. If the game offers 50 hours of gameplay out of the box, I will be happy

KozmoOchez3658d ago

yeah its a good practice for DLC. If you are gonna offer it, it better have a bunch of awesome stuff. I don't care for map packs or a few quests that "add too the story".

MysticStrummer3658d ago

Just like with any DLC, for me it will depend on what it is and how much it costs.

pr0digyZA3658d ago

Apparently the first DLC includes over one hundred side quests. Sad if that should have been included in the game.

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