New OnLive Podcast! The Breaking Point Episode #21 - Max Payne Takeover


• Introducing our new member and producer of The Breaking Point...DJ GodZpeed
• Homefront Ultimate Edition
o Includes the shotgun, new maps, etc. (~$10)
• British Telecom offers the Playpack for just £1.99/Month for 3 months
• Wargame: European Escalation added as Playpass for 33% off.
• Playpack Titles added
o Adam’s Adventure 3
o Astro Avenger 2
o Cradle of Rome 2
• Playpack 200 Challenge
o Avatars released
o Prizes handed out (Including Tartan_Special who won the tablet!)

Other Game-Related Talk
• Assassins Creed 3
o Fat Bears
o Running through houses
• Rock Star Social Club and Max Payne 3 Release
• US magazine reveals reward for those who pre-order Hitman: Absolution

• Call of Duty discussion
• Sniping discussion
• Avengers
• TV Show discussion

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