Witcher Developer Working on "New and Different" IP

CD Projekt announced via its blog this week that it is hiring for development on a "new and different" RPG. Cassidee from has the details.

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Cennus3658d ago

The Witcher games are amazing. CD Projekt is one of those devs that pour everything they have into their work. I'm excited for whatever they do.

NYC_Gamer3658d ago

CD Projekt will deliver another solid mature rpg experience....other studios better pay attention or get left behind gameplay/story wise....

codename133658d ago

excellent !!! another masterpiece is coming then :D

GamingPerson3658d ago

Hopefully no console ports to pc.

fossilfern3658d ago

Doubt it they will probably use the same engine they used for Witcher 2 which was designed for PC in mind, and that engine is fantastic!

reznik_zerosum3658d ago

i hope its sci-fi and not fantasy this time