Zack & Wiki IGN UK Review: 9/10

Capcom's tragically ignored slice of pirate perfection reaches Europe. Show it some love.

Keza MacDonald writes:

"Ultimately, Zack & Wiki is exactly what the Wii was designed for – a joyous game that mixes classic, near-perfect level design with a brilliantly-implemented new control system – and it simply could not exist on any other console. Not a fan of humour and imagination? Prefer games with grey bricks, grey sky and brown ground as opposed to cute cartoonishness? Then Zack and Wiki's not for you, and you're missing out. Everyone else will find more than enough to love about this innovative, mischievous, fantastically well-designed adventure puzzler to justify the purchase price."

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Luca Blight3934d ago

This game looks awesome. Show it some love people.

PS360WII3934d ago

yea if you haven't played it and you own a Wii something is wrong with you ><

MK_Red3934d ago

Great game, great score. Z&W definitly deserves more attention and love.

Delive3934d ago

Why is THIS game getting all of this "Show it some love" treatment? If the game does not appeal to the masses, why are journalist pulling a Jehovah's Witness and bringing it up every chance they get? It may very well be a great game for the Wii, but this is the market Nintendo created with the Wii and with each passing day, we see that the casual market targeted is not willing to embrace an unknown title. Change the title to something like "Mario's friends, Zak and Wiki's Adventures" and now you will see sales.

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