Games Like Final Fantasy - Japanese RPGs

There are plenty of Japanese RPGs like Final Fantasy for fans of the Final Fantasy series. These games are available on a variety of platforms and offer a great RPG experience.

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Pintheshadows3663d ago

Lost Odyssey and Rogue Galaxy were/are excellent.

Pardon my ignorance but I thought the Last Remnant was meant to be a little, well rubbish?

FinaLXiii3663d ago

Rogue Galaxy needs to be on PSN i never got to play that one.

At least The Legend of Dragoon is already avaiable on the US Store and soon on the EU Store.

3663d ago
kevnb3663d ago

Hated rogue galaxy but lost odyssey was pretty good. Xenoblade and the last story are the best recently.

FinaLXiii3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

rpg´s ussualy are great games but many lack what FF games do so good - amazing story and characters aside from gameplay elements.

Even FF13 was alright even knowing it was a disapointment for most fans.

A game that praticly originated from the sucess of the FF games is "The Legend of Dragoon" a game that i highly recomend if you enjoy the FF games.

Dark113663d ago

is the Tales (Series) a turn based RPG?

dark-hollow3663d ago

I didn't tried the rest but vasperia was more like action RPGs if I remember correctly.

TopDudeMan3663d ago

If someone suggested I play kingdom hearts because I like final fantasy I'd punch them in the face. That game does nothing but anger me as an FF fan.

That game is nothing like final fantasy and craps all over some awesome final fantasy cameo characters like Sephiroth. I mean, the guy has an attack that can destroy an entire solar system and gets his butt kicked by some kid with a big key. I facepalmed so hard it left a red mark on my face for an entire day.

TheLyonKing3663d ago

It's all in context and sephiroth is the ultimate boss in kh1 and 2.
In one took me a great skill to beat him.
Kh is nothing like ff but kh is a great game if you like the ff characters.

ReservoirDog3163663d ago

Haha, yeah to be fair, he's a monster to take down though. I've only ever done it once and I leveled up like 4 times when I finally killed him.

And if you ever wanna try a Kingdom Hearts (one of my favorite games ever), try Birth By Sleep on the PSP. The combat system is almost perfect in every way possible. And the story's pretty decent too. All about friendship and loyalties and, in case it bothers you, only one FF cameo.

FinaLXiii3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

kingdom hearts is an alternative universe you cant take things seriosly like its an actual FF game.

TopDudeMan3663d ago

Oh, I don't take it seriously, lol.

dorron3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

I'm playing White Knight Chronicles I & II right now and don't know why people say it's a bad game. I'm enjoying it quite a lot...actually I feel it's way better and more entertaining than FF XIII.

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