Buy Sorcery, Get PlayStation Move Nav Controller on the Cheap

PSLS: Everyone has their hopes set high on Sorcery to be the PlayStation Move game that they’ve been waiting for. However, the game is best played with both a PlayStation Move and a Navigation Controller. If for one reason or another, you haven’t yet picked up a Navigation Controller, is making it easy for you to get fully prepared for Sorcery’s impending release.

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Sev3661d ago

Good, because Sony needs to sell a shit ton of those. They need to sell a shit ton of everything right about now.

Sev3661d ago

Disagrees? Did you not see those financial reports? This isn't trolling, this is reality. I'm not Sony is down for the count, but they're definitely staggering.

LOGICWINS3661d ago

It's N4G man, u know the drill. People only see what they want to see here.

TheFirstClassic3661d ago

They definitely need to pick things up. Don't know how anyone could disagree, Sony isn't doing so good financially at the moment, though playstation is doing alright.

CaptainSheep3661d ago

Sweet, was gonna buy the Navigation Controller just for this game.. awesome news. :D

yeahokchief3661d ago

Motion gaming sucks. It's a fad. I'm looking forward to watching it die. This game looks terrible.

LiViNgLeGaCY3661d ago

Really? I'm kind of with you about the whole motion gaming thing, but I thought Sorcery looked pretty sweet. I bought the Move JUST for Sorcery,lol.

And it's only now FINALLY coming out. xD

LOGICWINS3661d ago

Why would u want to see it die? Can't u just ignore a normal person would?

MySwordIsHeavenly3661d ago

Motion gaming is a fad.

3D is a fad.

I'll be REALLY pissed off if either of these things turns out to be a fad. I absolutely love Move because it only enhances games like Killzone 3, Heavy Rain, and Tumble. It can give us new experiences that a controller cannot.

The same goes for 3D. I love my 3D tv and I want to see more content for it. It looks fantastic!

If something enhances the experience, why would anyone want it to go away?

000000000000000000013661d ago

Not going to purchase all the move shit for just one game. The games does look good and what I purchased a PS3 for in the first place!

Capt-FuzzyPants3661d ago

Is this game gonna be 40 dollars or 60 dollars?

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