Why Nintendo Should Rename and Redesign the Wii U

Luke Halliday writes:

"Around this time last year we had just started to discover that Nintendo had a new console ready to show off at E3 2011. The console that was ultimately shown however left more than a few gamers with a bad taste in their mouths. Now heading into E3 2012, it is the perfect opportunity for Nintendo to correct that.

As many would recall the console appears to be little more than a beefed up Wii with an iPad for a controller. Okay, that’s a little too harsh, but the fact remains that it didn’t look like much of a significant upgrade from the Wii besides the inclusion of the new controller. That’s not all though, the name of the machine itself is literally the Wii U. This in itself is more a problem than it is a blessing."

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mike1up3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )


Nintendo should replace the Nintendo Seal with a Sony Seal, then everyone would at least give it a chance.

By "everyone", I mean people that would rather discuss rumors and gossip (like little old ladies), than listen to people who actually develop for the console.

On topic:

Nintendo has said (repeatedly) that their target audience is the hardcore, not the "typical" consumer that is being discussed throughout this article.

Am I naive enough to think that Nintendo will completely ignore the casuals, no, of course not. However, Nintendo has said this (repeatedly) at investors meetings. Not to Xplay, not to Game Informer etc. etc., but to INVESTORS. Investors are the people paying Nintendo's bills. Why would any reputable company lie to an investor about a marketing strategy?

futurefrog3666d ago

sorry but you are very wrong

ronin4life3666d ago

@mr mike
Maybe it was the "little old ladies" comment.... ^__^;

MariaHelFutura3666d ago

Insulting little old ladies on Mother's day FTW.

miyamoto3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )


Ironically the Nintendo INVESTORS you are talking about are the ones that advised CEO Iwata to make software for Apples's iPhone & iPad. Yes they care about Nintendo money but not the way Iwata is telling us.

They say the fact that the name "Wii" is still there is the very reason the target gamers are not going to take the Wii U seriously as they take the PC, PS3 and 360.

Its really a hard sell because even Nintendo made the name "Nintendo" synonymous to games like Mario & Pokemon. Sony has gone to a totally different direction and brand recognition since the PS One.

Let us just hope they dig themselves out of this. as I don't want Nintendo do a harakiri or suicide.
There are rumors that if Nintendo hardware goes down lops all Nintendo franchises are going down with them.

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Ck1x3666d ago

I think nintendo already stated that what is being shown of the WiiU isn't it's final design! So we have to wait and see what takes place at E3...

AWBrawler3666d ago

Looks at 3DS then back at DSi.

Clearly I'm not the only one who notices the more Hardcore approach the 3DS is taking, right?

Same will happen with Wii U

2EHO3666d ago

Nintendo is in a very weird situatin with the name. Wii sold a lot of consoles and has a following. Hardcore gamers will be reluctant to buy anything with Wii in the name. That's why E3 is so important. They have to hit a home run with core gamers. Show exclusive 3rd party games that graphically leave this gen in the dust. The console design wasn't final and we will see something different.

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