Update on EU's free Uncharted 2 DLC "soon"

TVGB: "Earlier this week, it was announced that all of Uncharted 2's post-launch content would be made available free of charge... but on US PSN only. This could just be me being optimistic on this lovely Sunday morning we're having here, but chances are EU will follow shortly; when quizzed on why the DLCs went free in the US only, Naughty Dog's community strategist Eric Monacelli told a fan: "We’ll have an update on that soon.""

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dangert123666d ago

It don't cost much(anything)to set up an american account but a few mins of you're time..

miyamoto3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

yup in Naughty Dog we trust
So kind of them
Having a blast again.
Capcom should take note

dangert123666d ago

Same here just switched account and downloaded It now I'll have a quick blast

Nutsack3666d ago

won't work unless you have the UC2 USA version...

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Khalids193666d ago


Roger that!

AusRogo3666d ago

Cant wait, was on the fence buying these when it first came out because I didnt expect much people to play with. I got the seige pack and its pretty good but not many people played it since I only got it a year later. Oh well ill be jumping in on this then.. Oh and is there any co op missions in them?

CaptainSheep3666d ago

It's a bad thing for those who payed for the DLC but this certainly will bring back some activity to the UC2 MP!
Good thing I got the GoTY edition. ^_^

TheDareDevil3666d ago

Why so late and for a game that already has a sequel?

TheFirstClassic3666d ago

Isn't that why? Most developers aren't going to make the dlc free soon after the game comes out.

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