Is This Year the Last Hurrah for the Games Expo as We Know It?

Kotaku writes: I had lunch with a friend and colleague on Thursday, a guy who has been to every E3—and before that he was going to the Consumer Electronics Show when it was the gaming industry's big expo. Absent some miracle hardware reveal, he thinks we could see the quietest and most depressing E3 ever this year. I hate to say it, but I have the same fear.

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Jazz41083659d ago

I feel E3 would benifit more by going back to allowing the public into the show. Does the press really need to wined and dined and entertained to make e3 work? I look forward to e3 but it does seem like a lot of the things shown arebeing announced before the show so they get individual attention. I do however hope e3 keeps going and as a industry we keep our eyes on the games I enjoy other than making a quick buck on portables as in phones and ipads.

SovereignSnaKe3659d ago

(My comment from Yesterday)

-I'm pretty excited about e3 this year, I'm excited for what there going to do for MGS 25th anniversary, whatever Hideo Kojima has to announce, Wii U (obviously), hopefully we get the scoop on Prey II, Bioshock Inf., Beyond good and Evil, any new 3DS Announcements, Maybe we will see Shinji Mikami's new game?? -I'm not attending e3 personally since they don't allow us citizen heathens to attend!, but I AM going to Gamescom in Germany in August! :)

NegativeCreep4273659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

I keep gettin' older and they stay the same age!